[ad_1] Holi 2024: Safeguarding gadgets from water & colors

Mar 24, 2024

Holi 2024: Safeguarding gadgets from water & colors

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​Nano-coating shields​

Enhance screen durability with liquid-resistant protectors.

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Waterproof enclosure

Secure gadgets in waterproof zip bags to shield from Holi colors and water.

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​Smart covers​

Utilize protective skins for stylish defense against water and dirt.

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​Lock security​

Set up pattern or PIN lock for easy access amid colorful celebrations.

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​Seal openings​

Protect ports with adhesive tape to prevent water damage to device internals.

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​Screen protection​

Shield phone screens with transparent film to repel color stains.

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​Dry charging​

Avoid charging wet phones to avert potential short circuits.

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​Waterproof cases​

Fully encase devices with covers to bar water ingress.

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​Moisture absorption​

Use silica pouches to ward off moisture damage to gadgets.

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