[ad_1] Happy Kiss Day 2024: 8 surprising health benefits of kisses

Happy Kiss Day 2024: 8 surprising health benefits of kisses

Feb 13, 2024

By: ET Online

Happy boost

By stimulating your brain's pleasure centres, kissing causes your brain to release a concoction of chemicals that make you feel amazing.

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Reduces blood pressure

Your blood vessels dilate when you kiss because kissing raises your heart rate. This reduces blood pressure.

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Relieves stress

Kissing reduces stress and cortisol levels as well. Kissing has an effect on the physiological mechanisms involved in stress reduction.

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Reduces anxiety

Nothing soothes you more than a kiss and some tenderness. Oxytocin promotes wellbeing and relaxation while reducing anxiety.

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Relieves cramps

A rise in feel-good chemicals and a reduction in period cramps are two benefits of dilated blood vessels and increased blood flow.

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Soothes headaches

Cure your headaches by kissing as it dilates blood vessels. By reducing stress, kissing may also help you avoid headaches.

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Tones facial muscles

A kiss can use 2 to 34 different facial muscles. Regularly using these muscles and giving lots of kisses is like exercising your face.

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Burns calories

Based on how passionately you kiss, you can burn anywhere from 2 to 26 calories in a minute.

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