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Feb 29, 2024

Foods one should not pair with their evening tea

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Lemon juice

Avoid consuming lemon juice right before or right after a cup of tea. When tea leaves and lemon juice are mixed, the beverage becomes acidic and may induce bloating.

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Gram flour

The body's capacity to absorb the nutrients in besan products is compromised when they are ingested with tea, which may lead to digestive issues.

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When drinking tea, steer clear of foods that include turmeric as they can also contribute to gastrointestinal issues including gas, acidity, or constipation.

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Cold food

Eating foods with different temperatures all at once can weaken your digestive system and even cause the illness.

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Due to their acidic qualities, yogurt and tea can both create digestive issues. Additionally, consuming tea immediately after a meal that contained curd may cause stomach distress.

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Iron-rich foods may not combine well with milk. Drinking tea with nuts can be detrimental to your health.

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Sweet food

Although the flavor of tea may be enhanced by sweet foods like cakes, cookies, and chocolate, eating too much sugar can raise blood sugar levels, which can result in energy dumps and other health problems.

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Fried food

Foods that are fried or oily can be weighty and difficult to digest, which can leave you feeling uneasy and lethargic.

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Fruits are nutrient-rich and chilly at the same time. Fruits and tea together might cause acid reflux and other digestive problems.

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