[ad_1] Foods not to eat during pregnancy: 8 things to avoid

Foods not to eat during pregnancy: 8 things to avoid

Feb 12, 2024

By: ET Online

Raw/undercooked fish

Raw fish contains bacteria that can make mother dehydrated and weak. Some of them can also cross the placenta to the baby even though you don't have any symptom.

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High mercury fish

Mercury is a toxic element that can harm your kidneys, immune system, and nervous system. It might also result in children's developmental issues.

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Processed meat

Uncooked cured meats can harbour bacteria or parasites that are harmful for the mother and baby during pregnancy.

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Raw eggs

Salmonella bacteria can be present in raw eggs. It might result in uterine cramps, which could cause a stillbirth or premature birth.

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Raw sprouts

While raw sprouts are otherwise healthy and popular, they can harvest the growth of Salmonella, which is harmful during pregnancy.

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Excessive caffeine consumption has been associated in studies with low birth weight, stillbirth, pregnancy loss, and a host of developmental problems.

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Alcohol increases the risk of pregnancy loss, stillbirth, and fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). No level of alcohol is safe during pregnancy.

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Unpasteurised dairy products

Raw milk and other unpasteurised dairy products can contain harmful bacteria that can have life-threatening consequences for the baby.

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