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Flowering houseplants perfect for beginners

Feb 14, 2024


While many succulents are low-maintenance houseplants, few have the same beautiful blooms as kalanchoe. Just like any other succulent, kalanchoe doesn't like wet soil.

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It is the world's longest-blooming plant. Its "flowers," which are the vivid red, pink, white, and purple spathes, can adorn your home for a few months.

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Peace Lily

Because peace lilies require very little care, they make excellent houseplants for those who struggle with houseplants or as a housewarming gift.

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African Violets

African violets are a popular choice for houseplants. They are popular because they can bloom all year round and they don't need a dormant rest period.

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The striking flowers and vibrant basal rosettes that set bromeliads apart. The plants are tropical, and many of the species are air plants, or epiphytes.

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A begonia plant needs light to bloom well, but avoid placing it too close to a window as the draft could damage it.

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Christmas Cactus

Unlike its relatives found in the desert, Christmas cactus does not like dry environments. So, it's critical to water frequently and maintain a moist soil.

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Easiest to grow among flowering bulbs, yet exhibiting stunning flowers, amaryllis is a widely popular indoor plant.

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