Explore the chic transformation of the blunt cut, side-part bob haircuts that are shaping 2024's hair trends with every tap!

01: Cute Side-Parted Wispy Bob

A wispy bob with a side part boosts thin hair's volume; maintain with a round brush and spray.

02: Messy Side-Parted Blunt Bob

A messy blunt bob is in! For straight hair, get a curling tutorial from your stylist.

03: Blunt Cut with Asymmetrical Sides

An asymmetrical blunt cut with a deep part suits all hair, elongating the face.

04: Perfect for Older Women

A side-parted blunt bob with waves offers older women lift and fullness, masking thinning hair for a youthful feel.

05: Side-Parted Long Wavy Bob

A long wavy bob with a side part softens classics; layered cuts add versatility and texture.