[ad_1] ​Elephant, jeep safari: PM Modi visits Assam's Kaziranga. Check photos​

Mar 9, 2024

​Elephant, jeep safari: PM Modi visits Assam's Kaziranga. Check photos​

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PM Modi on Saturday enjoyed elephant and jeep safaris in the Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve in Assam.

Image Source: ANI

Two hours trip

​The PM, on his first visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, spent two hours in the park.

Image Source: ANI

​Van Durga

​Modi also interacted with members of 'Van Durga', the team of women forest guards who are at the forefront of conservation efforts, elephant mahouts and forest officials.​

Image Source: ANI

Jeep Safari

The prime minister then undertook the jeep safari in the same forest range and stopped at the Daflang Watch Tower to get a view of the sanctuary.

Image Source: ANI

Outfit check!

​Modi, donned a jungle fatigue, a jacket, and a hat.

Image Source: ANI

Elephant safari

PM Modi rode an elephant named 'Pradyumna' whose mahout was Raju, and passed through the safari route of Dagland and Foliomari area, the official said.​

Image Source: ANI

Animals he saw

A tiger whizzed past the path of the prime minister's cascade, the official said, adding that PM Modi saw one-horned rhinoceros, wild buffaloes, deer and several birds in the jungle.​

Image Source: ANI

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