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Different types of healthy pancakes for your breakfast

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Feb 21, 2024

Healthy pancakes

They are made lighter by using low-fat fromage frais and skimmed milk, and they have a gorgeously fluffy texture thanks to the whipped egg whites.

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Oatmeal pancakes

Made entirely of oats, they are frothy and simple to whisk up in a blender. These nutritious pancakes are high in protein and fiber and free of gluten.

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Spinach and tuna pancakes

These filling and healthy ones, made with spinach, tuna, and cottage cheese, are a great way to start the day.

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Cottage cheese pancakes

This high-protein pancake is made with half the flour of a traditional pancake recipe; instead, cottage cheese and eggs are used. It smells of vanilla and is fluffy and soft.

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Coconut and banana pancakes

Topped with fresh passion fruit and banana, these vegan coconut milk pancakes will provide a hint of tropical sunshine to your morning meal. They're wonderful year-round and very easy to make.

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Almond flour pancakes

They taste so good, with a hint of vanilla flavor, that no one would ever know there isn't any regular all-purpose flour in them.

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Protein pancakes

These tasty pancakes, which are created with eggs, oats, milk, and a scoop of protein powder, can help you increase your consumption of protein. After an exercise, have for breakfast with fruit and nut butter to replenish your energy.

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Greek yogurt pancakes

Pancakes made with Greek yogurt have a little taste and are fluffy, delicate, and moist.

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Blueberry and lemon pancakes

To add little bursts of fruit and sweetness without the need for more sugar on top, these fluffy little beauties combine berries and a very small quantity of golden syrup into the batter.

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