[ad_1] Colorful house plants best suited for your balcony

Feb 21, 2024

BY: ET Online

Colorful house plants best suited for your balcony


The sleek simplicity of monochromatic colors encourages heightened visual awareness, making them a popular trend in landscape and interior design.

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These perennials have a lovely scent that will take you to the Mediterranean and they bloom for a very long time. Lavender needs direct sunlight.

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Jasmine is best scented in the evening, it's a great choice for a balcony plant whether you use the area a lot during the day or if it's placed off a bedroom.

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The finest ways to showcase these gorgeous pink, crimson, or purple annuals are in window boxes and hanging baskets.

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Japanese maple

Though they prefer a shady, protected area, dwarf Japanese maple trees are a great addition to balcony gardens, despite popular belief to the contrary.

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Hibiscus plants are a lovely addition to a balcony garden because of their exotic blossoms and vibrant hues.

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Strawberries are among the greatest plants for hanging baskets and a beautiful addition to a balcony garden.

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Bamboo is a great plant to cultivate on balcony gardens if you want to create privacy screening for your garden.

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Bay tree

It's the ideal choice because it can be clipped into lovely topiary shapes if you want to give your balcony a more sculptural flair.

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