Choppy pixie cuts for women over 70 are trendy and youthful. Tap to see how they're rocking 2024's style scene!

01: Angled Pixie Cut with Side Bangs

Pixie cuts suit older ladies, and adding weight at the nape creates a fuller hair look while side bangs frame the face well.

02: Natural Salt-and-Pepper Pixie Crop

A short choppy haircut in natural salt and pepper color achieves an edgy, low-maintenance look, showcasing texture and varied natural shades.

03: Fluffy Pixie with Feathered Layers

The layered rounded pixie is a full, stylish style suitable for mature ladies with soft, wispy fringes and small Velcro rollers for volume.

04: Bright Blonde Spiky Pixie Cut

Enhance your spiky pixie cut with a bright blonde color for added charm. Personalize uneven pixie cuts for elderly women by emphasizing features with volume and texture.

05: Edgy Pink Pixie with Volume on Top

70+ women can try an edgy pink pixie with volume and versatility for a youthful look. Have fun with this soft and buffed style!