[ad_1] Best office plants that are easy to maintain

Best office plants that are easy to maintain

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Feb 22, 2024

Snake plant

While there are differences in size between snake plants, all snake plants make excellent office plants.

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A family of young cactus is a great way for first-time plant parents to get started, as they require very little care and thrive in sunny areas.

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English Ivy

For indoor growth, ivy needs average water and mild light.

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Money tree

The money tree, one of the best feng shui plants, is said to provide prosperity, good fortune, and positive energy on its plant parents.

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Wood sorrels, or oxalis, are houseplants that, whether or not they blossom, bring a pop of color to the workplace.

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Jade plant

The sturdy, woody stems and smooth, oval-shaped leaves thrive in indirect to bright light, needing water only when the soil is fully dry.

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Lucky bamboo

When the stems of lucky bamboo are submerged in water, it can grow without soil and thrive in low light conditions.

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Peace lily

The plant's ability to filter the air will have a greater effect at work than its pretty white blossoms.

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Nerve plant

But, because the nerve plant prefers high humidity, you'll need to remember to water and mist it. Be mindful of this.

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