[ad_1] Beautiful baby names inspired by Lord Shiva

Beautiful baby names inspired by Lord Shiva

Mar 8, 2024

By: ET Online


Literally translating to "blue throat," this name refers to the time Shiva drank poison to save the world, turning his throat blue.

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One of Shiva's fierce aspects, Rudra represents "the roarer" or "the fierce one." This name signifies strength and courage.

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Shakti embodies the divine feminine energy and is the consort of Shiva. This name signifies power, creativity, and inner strength.

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Meaning "radiant" or "auspicious one," Shivanya is a beautiful and unique name directly referencing Lord Shiva.

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Translating to "lord of the moon," Somesh is another name associated with Lord Shiva, referring to his control over the moon and its calming influence.

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Translating to "one with snow," Himanshu is associated with Shiva's abode, Mount Kailash, known for its snow-capped peaks.

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Depicting Shiva as the cosmic dancer, Nataraj signifies the rhythmic cycle of creation and destruction.

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One of Shiva's epithets, Tryambak means "having three eyes," symbolizing his ability to see past, present, and future.

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