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Animals that can give you rabies

Mar 20, 2024 | ET Online


Responsible for over 96% of human rabies cases in India. Bites from stray or unvaccinated dogs are the primary source of rabies transmission.

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Wild jackals can carry rabies and pose a threat in rural areas.

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Mongooses are known to be immune to snake venom, but they can still contract and transmit rabies.

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Although less common than dog bites, rabies transmission from infected cats can also occur.

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While bat bites are rare, some bat species in India can carry rabies.

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Wild foxes can be carriers of rabies, particularly in specific regions.

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Wolf attacks are uncommon, but there have been reported cases of rabies transmission from wolves in India.

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Civet cats

These wild cats are less common than other rabies carriers but can potentially transmit the virus.

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Hyenas are not as prevalent as other rabies carriers in India, but they can be potential transmitters.

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