[ad_1] 8 animals that can see with closed eyes

8 animals that can see with closed eyes

Feb 15, 2024 | ET Online


Snakes have clear scales that cover their eyes, essentially allowing them to 'see' even when their eyes are closed. This helps them to hunt.

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Box turtle

Box turtles can even see their surroundings with their eyes tightly closed, enabling them to protect themselves from other animals.

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Pangolins have protective scales covering their eyes, which enable them to see with their eyes closed.

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Armadillos can close their eyes partially, which allows them to maintain attention and stay protected.

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Dolphins can see their surroundings with closed eyes due to their extraordinary echolocation skills. They emit clicks and follow the echoes to hunt prey.

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Owls have an impeccable sense of hearing and can see their prey through sounds. This is useful during their nocturnal hunts when everything is dark.

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Bats can effectively 'see' with closed eyes, thanks to their echolocation powers. They emit ultrasonic sounds that help them navigate through the dark.

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Eyes of chameleons move independently, which gives them a 360 degree view even when they're closed.

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