The pixie bob is trending in 2024 - see how older ladies are pulling it off 👉

#25: Angled and Layered Pixie Bob

An angled and layered pixie bob offers a chic and edgy hairstyle with textured layers and a stylish, asymmetrical shape.

#24: Pixie Bob with Long Fringe

This is a playful and versatile look, combining the boldness of a short cut with the softness of face-framing bangs.

#23: Feathered Pixie Bob

This exudes a soft and feminine style with wispy, textured layers that add volume and a touch of playful movement.

#22: Deep Side Parted Pixie Bob

This one offers a sophisticated and glamorous look, with a dramatic side part adding volume and emphasizing facial features.

#21: Elegant Pixie Bob

This pixie bob offers a chic look, complemented by bangs that can be styled to suit your face shape and preferences.