Find love at first sight with these trendy Valentine's Day hairstyles.  Keep tapping to see them all!

01: Classic French Twist

A classic French twist with a neat chignon adds elegance for a sophisticated evening, framed by soft strands for a modern touch.

02: Casual Wavy Ponytail

A chic ponytail with cascading waves and sun-kissed highlights, perfect for daytime dates.

03: Soft Pixie Cut

This pixie cut, playful and modern, suits a late 20s woman with its volumizing layers and soft bangs.

04: Playful Curly Bob with Bangs

This curly bob with bangs blends whimsy and style, adding volume and a youthful flair.

05: Wavy Lob with Highlights

A lob with honey-ash highlights rejuvenates, adding texture and youth to women over 50.