[ad_1] 2023: Pakistan, Bangladesh, India's air pollution tops globally

Mar 19, 2024

2023: Pakistan, Bangladesh, India's air pollution tops globally

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​Global air quality​

Only 10 countries and 9% of global cities met World Health Organization guidelines for harmful PM2.5 pollution last year.

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​Regional impact​

The Middle East, Africa, and Central and South Asia were among the most affected regions.

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​Polluted nations​

Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Tajikistan, and Burkina Faso ranked highest in air pollution in 2023, based on population-weighted data.

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​Cleanest locations​

French Polynesia, Mauritius, and Iceland were found to have the least air pollution.

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​Capital air quality​

Capitals like New Delhi, Dhaka, and Ouagadougou had the worst air quality, while those in Oceania, Scandinavia, and the Caribbean were among the cleanest.

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​PM2.5 threat​

According to IQAir's CEO, PM2.5 pollution poses the greatest risk to human health globally.

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​Pollution sources​

Sources of PM2.5 pollution vary, including fossil fuel burning, brick kilns, and mining activities.

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​Particle size matters​

PM2.5 pollution, with particles 1/30th the diameter of a hair strand, poses significant health risks, necessitating precautions such as wearing masks and using air filters.

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​Deadly toll​

Outdoor air pollution, primarily PM2.5, leads to over 4 million premature deaths annually worldwide.

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