[ad_1] ​10 crazy insights on Indian homes

​10 crazy insights on Indian homes

​Home Sweet Home​

IKEA, a popular furniture store revealed that only 52% of Indians say home is their favorite place to be.

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​Haunted Homes?​

9% of Indians think that their home may be haunted.

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​Naked Truths​

13% of Indians say that they sometimes walk around naked in their homes.

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​Sleeping in the Dark​

28% of us say it’s complete darkness that’s key to a good sleep.

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Solo Dance mode

31% of Indians occasionally like to dance or sing when they are alone.

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​Makeover Mania​

56% of Indians are either looking to move or renovate their homes in the next 2 years.

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​Financial Stress​

26% of us feel a loss of control when we do not have enough money to take care of our home.

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Gen Z Woes​

53% of Generation Zers do not feel positive about their current life at home.

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Pet Comfort​

18% of Indians feel a sense of comfort at home when they watch their pets sleep.

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