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april 28, 2024


10 BL dramas to watch in 2024


SOURCE: Rakuten Viki

Love Is Like a Cat: 

Uno, portrayed by Mew Suppasit Jongcheveevat, navigates an unexpected career change at a pet daycare, leading to clashes with the optimistic director, Daebyeol, played by JUSTB’s JM

Boys Be Brave follows Jin Woo's dilemma as he navigates his hidden crush on friend Ki Sub, turned roommate, in this romance drama adapted from the webtoon Can't Confess

SOURCE: Rakuten Viki

Boys Be Brave: 

At 25:00 in Akasaka follows rookie actor Yuki's journey into the BL world, based on the manga 25 Ji, Akasaka de, promising an introspective take on the genre 

SOURCE: Rakuten Viki

At 25:00 in Akasaka: 

A supernatural BL drama where Joe, a stuntman, finds himself in another man's body after an accident, reuniting with Ming, who may see him differently than he thought

SOURCE: Rakuten Viki

My Stand-In: 

In Only Boo!, Moo pursues his dream of becoming an idol while navigating his attraction to Kang, facing obstacles when his chance at stardom clashes with the rule against relationships


Only Boo!: 

In Living with Him, Ryota finds himself living with his childhood friend Kazuhito, sparking curiosity and feelings as they spend more time together

SOURCE: Rakuten Viki

Living With Him: 

Love for Love’s Sake follows a man trapped in a younger body on a mission to make someone happy within a time limit, navigating the challenges to protect his loved ones

Love for Love’s Sake: 


BL drama based on the webtoon Who Can Define Popularity, directed by Hwang Da Seul, exploring themes of love and popularity among young adults


Blueming: A

A nostalgic drama that follows Hyun, a bookstore owner, as he rediscovers his high school diary and reflects on his unrequited love for his childhood friend, Dongho

Happy Ending: 

SOURCE: Strongberry Korea

A whimsical drama that unfolds when a spaceship crash-lands, disrupting the reopening of a small bakery, leading to chaotic cohabitation with an alien and its handsome owner

 Wuju Bakery: