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Weatherproofing Exterior Swings with Olympic Stains and Sealants

Refreshing old wooden furniture can be an overwhelming task, especially if it is spent months or even years outside of the slowdown in corrosion. Watch the video and blog post below to see how Tyson Moore refreshed and weatherproofed some of his outdoor furniture with the help of Olympic stains and seals.

Hello everybody! My name is Tyson Moore, and I’m happy to show you how my wife and I weatherproofed two swings with The Home Depot Olympic products!

I recently built a brand new cedar swing for our family. As I was preparing for weather protection, I looked across the yard and noticed that my neighbor’s swing was in a rough condition. My wife and I decided it would also be a fun project to bring our neighbour’s old swing back to life!

Gather your supplies

First we went to our local home depot to collect the supplies we needed. We decided to finish both swings with different Olympic products. We chose # 1 for our swing Olympic Maximum Clear Waterproofing Sealer. To the We picked up my neighbour’s old swing Olympic Premium Deck Cleaner and the Olympic Elite Transparent Advanced exterior coloring and sealing in one in the color Kona. We also picked one up Pump sprayer, a Drop cloth, some good Outer brush, and Mineral spirits to clean up.

Use Olympic Maximum Clear on the new swing

The whole process was simple. First we laid out a drop cloth. Then we put the swing on a couple of saw horses. Once the wood was clean and dry, we turned it over to apply the finish to the back.

Olympic Maximum is a clear, durable and waterproof seal that provides protection against water damage and UV rays. It is number 1 among the clear wood seals and stains. It is a clear seal with a slight tint. Use it for any exterior wood such as decks, fences and siding. Use it wherever you want to protect it from the weather and at the same time bring out the natural beauty of the wood.

The application was really easy. Applying a thin layer is all that is needed. If you are using a roller, you may need to brush back to get the best results.

After the first hit, we knew we had a winner! Just look at this cedar shine!

I will say that cedar in itself is a naturally weather-resistant type of wood, but we can be sure that this swing offers additional protection against water damage and mildew.

Cleaning up was also super easy. I just had to pour a few ounces of mineral spirits into a cup and then wash out my brush.

And that’s it! It’s really that simple! Check this finish after a 24 hour drying period. We loved how it turned out!

Banners vs. solid spots

When it came to staining my neighbour’s swing, I chose a spot based on the color that attracted my attention rather than taking the time to tell the difference between a “transparent” spot and a “solid” spot understand. If you’re like me and get confused by labels (or distracted by all options), let me explain what I learned later. “Transparent” wood stains add a touch of color soaking into the wood and shows the natural wood grain. They are recommended for younger wood, but offer less protection. “Solid wood stains” are recommended for older wood. You see They seeover the wood grain emphasizing the natural textures. Solid stains show less wood grain, but offer the greatest protection. In retrospect, I think Olympic Elite Solid Perhaps due to the age and condition of the wood, it was a better choice for my neighbor’s swing.

I think you will agree that the transparent stain we selected still worked wonders on my neighbour’s swing!

Use Olympic Elite Stain + Sealant on the old swing

Let us now concentrate on the swing of our neighbor. As you approxn say that’s still a nice swing, but the weather definitely took its toll.

First we used Olympic Premium Deck Cleaner to clean the swing and wash away mold, dirt, and other debris that had accumulated through years of outdoor living.

We added it to a standard pump sprayer and prepared to spray it on the swing. No mixing or dilution was required. When working with a powerful cleaner like this, it’s important to put on gloves, long sleeves, and safety glasses.

We waited 5-10 minutes for the wood to be cleaned. Since you can use this product to clean outside wood, we decided to use it on a small outside side table while we were there!

After spraying it and leaving it for a few minutes, we washed it off with water. You do not have to use a pressure washer. A normal garden hose is fine. The cleaner does not require scrubbing either!

Once the wood was completely dry, it was time to use it Olympic Elite Stain + Sealant. Olympic Elite is an all-in-one stain and seal product. It is available in different colors. We chose a rich, beautiful brown tint called “Kona Brown”. We knew it would bring some color back into the swing and protect it from the weather.

You only need a high quality brush to apply a thin layer directly to the wood. It was amazing to see how this old swing changed before our eyes! After staining the side table and the entire swing, we both let sit for 24 hours to dry completely.

Ready for the weather!

A few days after we applied the stain and the seals, we had our first rain. The small side table and the swing on the veranda already resist this water!

Before and after

No matter if you are working with something old that you want to bring back to life, such as a weathered deck, an old fence or a swing in the garden …

… Or whether you want to protect and emphasize this natural color in something completely new, the above Olympic products are a good choice to make your projects look fantastic and at the same time prepare your exterior wood for years outdoors.

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