We asked, you told us: You think the US has gone too far against Huawei

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Huawei is facing tighter trade restrictions in the US than ever before, until even non-US companies like LG and Samsung stop shipping to China’s tech giants. The company has warned that it won’t have high-end Kirin processors in its phones for the foreseeable future.

These measures are intended to prevent Huawei from spying on US interests with its cellular devices and smartphones. But is the procedure justified? And if so, has the US gone too far? We asked for your thoughts.

Did the US go too far against Huawei?


We published our poll on September 10th, and 3,564 of you took part. And the results are clear: most of you believe the US has gone too far against Huawei. 67.6% of readers felt that the ban was either too strict or didn’t exist at all. Only 32.4% of you agreed to the restrictions.

This is not a complete shock. While the U.S. government has been firmly convinced that Huawei posed a security risk as it may receive surveillance requests from the Chinese Communist Party, there is a distinct lack of public evidence that it did. It wouldn’t be surprising if you weren’t convinced that Huawei poses a threat.

This can affect your phone choices. The ban effectively blocks Huawei phones like the P40 Pro from being sold in the US and prevents certain processors or Google apps from being used. The competition with smartphones is worse in the current climate.

Your comments

  • Atty Halmágyi: I think that’s too far. Huawei is a very good brand, and now even South Korea seems to be helping [the] USA to destroy them. I know Huawei made mistakes, but killing a company for that reason is pretty tough. [The] The US could give them a second chance, just like ZTE.
  • Terry Trott: China’s authoritarian dictatorship must be challenged every step of the way. The free world must be one in denial of [China’s] Views on how the world should be.
  • Eoga: Haven’t these companies already paid for the software or hardware they use to develop their products so they can sell them to anyone they want? How can a foreign government tell you who?[m] they cannot and cannot sell their products? I think every country should do the same and tell its local businesses not to … sell anything to Americans to stop this type of behavior. Otherwise they could be next just because the American government wants them to.
  • Norman William NG: Stupid and childish move. Huawei, Xiaomi, and other Chinese brands are contributing a lot of new smartphone users (still learning) as it is more economical and affordable. It will open up many new possibilities for the higher end user[s of brands] like Samsung, HTC etc, as people will never be satisfied with just one economical and affordable one [device].
  • Lamar Taylor: Billion dollar struggling and beef companies sound good for headlines, but I don’t want to take sides here. If LG and Samsung don’t want to sell screens to Huawei, that’s their business.
  • ANTHONYinCALI: I am banning Huawei in the US, I totally agree with that. Personally, I might be less interested in what they’re doing outside of the US.

Thank you for taking our survey and leaving all your comments! What do you think of the survey and its results? Please do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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