This WD-40-inspired Cologne will Get Your Motor Running

For corporate types stuck in air-conditioned offices, feeling like an out-of-place blue-collar wannabe is all too familiar. But now, thanks to WD-40 cologne, these office workers can live out their grease monkey dreams without ever leaving the cubicle. Zoom meetings may be par for the course, but now they can smell like a construction site in just a spray or two!

The unique and nostalgic scent of WD-40 cologne has become a hit with office workers longing to feel something different for a change – and for them, it’s the perfect way to fake feeling at home on complex excel spreadsheets and paperwork galore.

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Image: MSCHF

Brooklyn-based art collective MSCHF has released a unique fragrance, capturing the distinct aroma of WD-40 in a sleek bottle. Called Smells Like WD-40, this cologne aims to make you smell like a mechanic who has just finished repairing their bike chain without getting their hands dirty. Coming with a red cap and blue brushed metal finish, the cologne retails for US$48 plus shipping and promises to give “Eau de Industrie” the perfect finishing touch. By having a lube-inspired scent, it is sure to become popular amongst those who have an appetite for unique fragrances and confidence that they can repair items all by themselves.

MSCHF has carved a unique reputation when it comes to product releases, never shying away from controversy or pushing the boundaries. Just last month, the collective released The Big Fruit Loop, an homage to the classic cereal the way only MSCHF can do – with its blue toucan mascot and tagline, “Part of an extremely unbalanced breakfast”. This is not the first time MSCHF has made headlines for their irreverent products: Jesus Shoes filled with holy water; Satan Shoes filled with red ink; a Netflix and Chill candle; and even a Bible of Bees made from pages of an actual bible. Whether you love or hate it, there’s no denying that MSCHF knows how to generate conversations and get people talking.

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