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Wayne Sermon Net Worth: Wayne Sermon is an American musician, songwriter, and record producer with a net worth of $ 40 million. He is best known for being the lead guitarist of the group Imagine Dragons.

Wayne Sermon was born in American Fork, Utah in June 1984. He plays guitar, mandolin, cello and piano. Imagine Dragons was formed in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2008. Their debut studio album Night Visions was released in 2012 and reached No. 1 on the US rock charts as well as No. 2 in the US and UK. Uni, # 3 in Canada and Ireland, # 4 in Australia and # 5 in New Zealand. Imagine Dragons released the Smoke + Mirrors album in 2015 and the album reached # 1 in the US, Canada, and UK. Their album Evolve was released in 2017 and reached No. 1 on the American rock charts as well as in Canada and Switzerland and No. 2 in the United States. Their album Origins was released in 2018 and reached # 1 on the US Rock and Canada charts and # 2 in the US and Switzerland. The band had singles with the songs “It’s Time”, “Radioactive”, “Demons”, “Believer”, “Thunder”, “Whatever It Takes”, “Natural”, and more.

Immovable: In July 2020, Wayne paid $ 5.8 million for a 6-acre property in Rolling Hills, California.


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