Waxing Near Me Tips: How to do waxing at home

Waxing Near Me Tips: How to do waxing at home

Waxing Near Me: When it comes to removing unwanted body hair, different methods are used by different people depending on their choices and convenience. Some prefer shaving or laser treatments, and some prefer waxing treatment. Waxing is a process to remove unwanted hair from our body using a sticky substance, such as wax. The process is to cover the unwanted hair with wax and quickly removing it with the help of strips, resulting in removing of the entire hair, from the root or follicle.

waxing near me
waxing near me

This hair removal technique prevents hair from growing again until four to six weeks. But there are cases of hair growth within a week back after waxing, as some of their hair being on an abnormal human hair growth cycle. You can remove unwanted hair from nearly every area of the body, including feet, knuckles, abdomen, back, arms, legs, eyebrows, face and pubic hair (also known as bikini wax). Waxing can be performed on full body.

Body waxing

Body waxing is being used from 3,000 B.C in ancient Egypt. Back then, Cleopatra used seashells, pumice stones, and bee wax to remove her all body hair. In the middle ages, Queen Elizabeth set the trend to remove facial hair; she tried to remove her eyebrows to make her forehead look more prominent. She used walnuts or strip of cloth soaked in vinegar and ammonia to remove facial hair. Sugar waxing; probably it was the first wax invented in the Middle East. Back then, they used a mixture of lemon juice and cooked sugar to exfoliate the body hair. Meanwhile, at that time, ancient Greeks plucked their pubic hair, which was considered the low class.

How they did 

Mostly all women go through the process of waxing to remove unwanted hair. Some girls choose to shave for a short temporarily hair removal, while others may opt laser, threading or waxing to prevent the regrowth of hair for more extended periods. Waxing is a safe, reliable, and economical way of removing unwanted body hair. Unlike shaving, waxing can prevent the regrowth of unwanted body hair for as long as six weeks. waxing can also exfoliate the skin while the process as it pulls off the topmost layers of the skin along with the hair. Adding waxing to your beauty regime, it may make your skin glow with radiance, fresh, smooth, and clean. 


People use different types of methods and various types of wax to remove their body hair. I am mentioning some below:

–        HOT WAX

Soft wax is used after being heated in a wax machine or microwave to remove unwanted body hair. This type of wax is commonly used because melted wax spreads evenly and thinly across the skin, and its heat opens the closed pores which make it easier to remove the body hair and makes it less painful.

If you want the best experience with soft heated wax, you must melt the wax in a heater which allows you to control the temperature so that it doesn’t get too cold or too hot to work with efficiently. Waxing without heater will not allow you to check the temperature. You want the wax warm enough to be evenly spread on the skin without causing damage to the skin by burning it.

 It is advisable to use soft heated wax on the more significant parts of the body, such as legs as it is economical than hard wax is. It is hard to reapply the soft wax if there are some hairs left on the skin as it removes all the dead skin cells on the skin. It is a perfect choice if you have a lot of fine hairs but do not use it on the sensitive areas.

Advantages of hot waxing

–        It gives better results to remove the hair effectively.

–        It does not need to reapply as it can remove hair in just one go.

        Disadvantages of hot waxing

–        It is considered a messy and painful procedure.

–        Difficult to use on areas like lips and eyebrows.

–        Can burn and damage the skin.

–        COLD WAX

If you have less time and want to remove unwanted body hairs, using cold wax is the ideal way. It is spread directly on the skin without heating it, making no chances of burning the skin. If you are new to waxing cold waxing is considered the best option. You do not have to worry about wax cooling or heating too much as you do with hot wax. But here are some problems you might face using cold wax.

This may seem like it gives you more control over where you apply it, but it can be more difficult to spread evenly, which can cause discomfort and pain while removing hair. People find it more painful compared to hot wax, and it tends to leave very small and fine hairs behind.

Advantages of cold waxing

–        It does not create a mess.

–        It removes pubic hair without pain.

–        Can be used at home to remove unwanted body hair.

–        It is a reasonable and economical method to get rid of unwanted hair.

Disadvantages of cold waxing

–        It may leave behind fine hairs, especially in the pubic area.

–        It may prove to be a more painful procedure.


It is considered a perfect option for someone new to waxing. It is a very fast and easy way to remove your body hair. You do not have to worry about spreading the wax here, and pre-made wax strips are very easy to handle. With wax strips, you need not worry about heating or spreading the wax on the skin surface, and it will allow you to remove unwanted hair easily and quickly. 

With no burning chances or irritation, it can be used by anyone trying to remove body hair. A new strip could be used on the same spot if the first one left some fine hairs behind without causing irritation or damage to the skin. People find wax strips giving better results in less time. To heat the wax strips, you need to rub them between your palms, and they are ready to use on the sport you want to remove the hair off. Just peel off in the direction of the hair growth.

Advantages of strip waxing

–        Easy and fast to use.

–        There are no chances of burning and irritation.

Disadvantages of strip waxing

–        May not remove all the hair in just one strip.

–        HARD WAX

It does not need strips to be removed; it is generally heated a bit but not as much as the hot wax. Always use it on a deeply cleansed skin and after applying oil to remove the body hair. It is mean to be spread in a thick amount in the direction of hair growth. Once it gets hard or cold after applied, it acts as a strip to be pulled in the opposite direction of hair growth. This type of wax is ideal for removing very thick hair but also can be used to remove some fine hairs too.

After pulling off, it does not leave any residue, making it easier and faster to clean up. It is considered less painful in sensitive areas such as the face, bikini area, and underarms. It is advisable not to use it on the more significant parts of the body as it will lead to wax breaking. It is generally considered more expensive but is a great option for faster, smoother hair removal.

Advantages of hard waxing

–        It is a less painful way to remove hair.

–        No cloth or strips are used.

–        Does not harm the skin, it just removes the hair.

Disadvantages of hard wax

–        Hard to apply on more extensive parts of the body.

–        It can create red bumps and allergies to the skin.


Chocolate wax is a trendy waxing method between people as it includes the health benefits of chocolate along with hair removal. Chocolate is enriched with antioxidants, which make the skin healthy and decrease pain while waxing. Also, chocolate is enriched with oils and glycerin, which helps soothe and smooth skin. It can also reduce redness after waxing procedure due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Just keep in mind that chocolate waxing is way more expensive, but if you want to add skin benefits of chocolate, you can add it to your waxing procedure.

Advantages of chocolate waxing

–        It hydrates and brings a glow to the skin.

–        Chocolate waxing removes skin tan.

–        It is less painful.

–        No blisters are formed after hair removal.

–        It delays hair growth.

–        It can be applied to face, eyebrows too.

           Disadvantages of chocolate waxing

–        It is considered to be an expensive and messy procedure. 


It is an ideal choice for people with very sensitive skin. Fruit waxing is packed with fruit extracts, including berries and plum; this type of wax is packed with vitamins and antioxidants, which can nourish and improve skin health. Fruit wax is a lot gentler on the skin than other traditional body waxes are. It is considered a bit more expensive, but it is natural and you do not need to worry about irritation, an allergic problem, or any other issues. If you want the skin benefits of fruits to be added to your skin, you can opt fruit waxing despite it being an expensive one.

Advantages of fruit waxing

–        It brings glow and makes the skin healthier.

–        It is considered a gentle and pain-free method.

–        It does not create irritation and allergies.

Disadvantages of fruit waxing

–        It is considered expensive compared to traditional waxing methods.

–        SUGAR WAX

Sugar wax is one of the oldest body waxes used to remove body hair. It is generally combined with water and lemon juice along with other ingredients to improve the efficiency of the wax. If you have sensitive skin and want a natural wax, you must go for sugar wax. Sugar wax does not stick to the skin, which means it can be reapplied on the same spot more than once. It is very economical and easy to use procedure; it can also be performed as a home remedy for hair removal. You can use this for waxing upper lips at home.

Advantage of sugar waxing

–        It is a natural way to remove unwanted hair.

–        It can be easily performed at home.

–        Brings glow and remove dead skin cells of the skin.

–        Waxing underarms at home can be easily done with this.


Disadvantages of sugar waxing

–        People do not recommend using at the bikini area.



–        Wax

–        Wax heater

–        Waxing strips

–        Antiseptic creams

–        Oil or powder

–        Waxing spatulas

–        Waxing rollers

–        Aloe vera-based gel 



To all the girls out there who want to go through bikini or Brazilian wax first time or if you want to know more for your next bikini wax. I will be covering the waxing tips and tricks to make your experience as luxurious as possible. And yes even guys are also invited here in this section of our article to know more about bikini wax to help out their girls and wives, trust me they would love it as it shows a sign of care towards them.


Getting your bikini area waxed in the right process can indeed be a treat yourself moment. Mostly all ladies like the results of waxing the bikini area than other temporary hair removal methods like shaving, epilation, and hair removal creams. There are some benefits we are writing below: 

–        SKIN HEALTH

Waxing will exfoliate dead skin cells along with unwanted hair, which means you are receiving hair removal and skincare together.



The hair after waxing is weaker, making them more delicate, softer, and sparser.



Waxing removes the hair from its root and exfoliates the dead skin cells resulting in smoother and healthy skin.



Waxing performed by the expert makes the skin less irritative as compared to other hair removal methods like epilation & hair removal by creams.  



Waxing removes the hair by its root resulting in long-lasting smoother skin. It won’t allow the hair to appear until four to six weeks. 



Shaving cuts the hair right below the skin’s surface, and it can cause prickly feel after shaving, whereas waxing brings the long-lasting and smoother results as it removes the hair by its root. Waxing also exfoliates the skin removing dead skin cells leading to more harmonious and healthier skin. So waxing or shaving it depends what exactly you are looking for.



Epilation also removes the hair right below the skin’s surface as shaving. As epilation is done by machines, it is a slow process and may cause discomfort and pain compared to waxing.



Hair removal creams are filled with harmful chemicals which can cause irritation and burn your skin and also it only removes hair right below skin’s surface, making it a less effective treatment. Waxing removes the hair by its root and also removes the dead skin cells proving longer-lasting results and smoother skin. The only difference you can notice is that with hair removal creams doesn’t pain while waxing can cause the pain, but it remains for a few seconds only. 


Laser treatment may or may not remove hair permanently. Results vary due to varying skin tone, hair types, and hair growths. Laser treatments are very expensive as compared to waxing, especially if it doesn’t turn out to be a permanent hair removal solution for you. While on the other hand, waxing provides a pain-free, economical, and smoother solution for at least four weeks.



–        BIKINI LINE 

It is a basic tidying, only your panty line and across the top are waxed. It prevents hairs from peeking out while wearing a bikini.


–        BIKINI FULL

In bikini full, the front is fully waxed. There are options to keep a small strip, triangle, square, or nothing at all. And it is up to your choice. 



It covers all the front and back area with an added butt strip. This is perfect for a completely nude look. You can also leave a triangle, strip, or square on the front depending on what you choose.



–        Make sure you are relaxed on the waxing bed as the pain with waxing is mostly caused by the anxiety and tension a person feels. The more you can get your skin to relax, and the more pain-free will be the process. Thinking the experience as a bit of pampering may result in luxuriously smooth skin.

–        Your hair should be at least a length of a rice grain to allow the wax to grip around the hair properly. Do not shave for at least out before the waxing. It is recommended to wax every three to four weeks after your first waxing session. 

–        Do not consume alcohol and caffeine as they can close the pores resulting in pain and discomfort.

–        Using numbness creams are useless.

–        Make sure to inform your wax specialist if you are using any topical cream which might not be compatible with waxing.



You may feel itching, bumps, and redness after your bikini waxing session. Try to soothe the area by using aloe vera gel or any good hair serum to moisten the area.



–        Do not get waxing performed on sunburned skin.

–        Avoid having sex for at least 24 to 48 hours.

–        Icing can also help remove the pain and inflammation if there is any.



Spread the wax and peel off and it is done? No, you are not in the right direction, my friend; there is a lot to know about the full procedure to have a smooth hair removal using the waxing method. Waxing techniques are responsible for a smooth finish. 


Before your waxing appointment, you must ensure a clean, oil, and dirt-free skin. Scrub all the skin gently to remove the dead skin cells. You would want to have a smooth finish after waxing, so preparing the skin is the key. It also removes all the bacteria of the skin, ensuring nor infections or allergies after the procedure.



If you wish for a smooth finish, let your hair grow at least one- fourth of an inch; that would be the size of a rice grain. If you have long hairs, make sure you trim them down to the needed length for a less painful procedure. Make sure you grow your hair at least for three weeks before you go for waxing; this is usually how long it takes for the entire hair to grow.


Do not apply the skincare products containing retinol and prescription retinoids 2 to five days before your waxing appointment to avoid removing skin along with the hair.


Waxing in the right direction ensures smooth removal of hair in a less painful manner. The most common mistake people do to wax the hair off in the perpendicular way irrespective of in which direction your hair is growing. This can cause the skin to remain bumpy and could lead to ingrowths


For a healthy and smooth skin post waxing, skincare rituals are as important as before the waxing. Avoid sports activities including workouts, swimming, cycling, etc. as they could lead to infections as the pores are still open after the waxing procedure. Rinse the skin with plain cold water and apply a natural moisturizer such as aloe Vera to soothe the skin. Avoid having sex for at least 24-48 hours after bikini waxing.



Always wear loose-fitting clothes as wearing tight clothing after a waxing session could cause sweat and bacteria to get trapped near the hair follicles. This can result in red bumps, rashes, and irritation



Apart from going to expensive salons, you can remove unwanted hair with some easy to do home remedies at home. Here are some waxing alternatives are also mentioned below: 



It is one of the most popular homemade wax hair removal methods around the world. You can also use waxing eyebrows at home with sugar wax.


The thing you will need

–        200 gm sugar

–        60 ml of lemon juice

–        60 ml of water



–        Bring the water to boil.

–        Add sugar and lemon juice and stir to combine.

–        Once it boils, simmer it on a medium temperature, stirring frequently.

–        Remove the mixture after it turns into a golden brown mixture. 

–        Let the wax cool for around 30 minutes.

–        Spread evenly on a cleansed and dry skin.

–        Let it sit for a minute and then peel off with the corner in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

–        Cleans the skin with lukewarm water and apply moisturizer.



Other than scrubbing your feet the pumice stone can be used remove unwanted hair. The texture of pumice stone is great at catching and removing hair from the skin. 



–        Clean and pat dry the skin area.

–         Gently use the pumice stone in a circular motion, the pores will cling onto hair and pull them out.

–        Apply a natural moisturizer afterward.

–        USING EGGS

Eggs are enriched with protein and vitamins, which can add glow and make the skin healthy. Along with skin benefits, eggs can be used to remove hair.

Things you will need

–        One egg white

–        One tablespoon sugar

–        Half tablespoon cornflour



–        Mix egg whites, sugar and cornflour to make a smooth paste.

–        Apply a thin layer evenly on the clean and dry face skin.

–        Let it sit for 15-20 minutes on your face.

–        Peel the mask off from the out in.

–        Follow up with a natural moisturizer.



Turmeric is packed with antibacterial properties and can be used to remove unwanted facial hair.


Things you will need

–        One tablespoon milk

–        Three tablespoon turmeric powder.



–        Mix milk and turmeric powder.

–        Spread evenly on the clean and dry face skin in the direction of hair growth.

–        Let it dry for 20 minutes. 

–        Using water scrub the face in a circular motion.

–        Wash off with lukewarm water and pat dry.



There are many benefits a waxing brings to skin, and when it comes to removing unwanted hair.

–        Waxing can leave behind a smooth, even, glowing and healthy skin.

–        Waxing exfoliates the skin removing dead skin cells.

–        While waxing, there are no chances of sin cuts or bruises.

–        Compared to other hair removal methods waxing leaves behind a stubble-free skin.

–        With waxing, there are minimal chances of skin irritation or allergy as no harsh chemicals are involved in the procedure.

–        A regular waxing ensures slow hair growth; it often takes 4 to six weeks. 

–        The new hair is soft and more delicate after the regrowth.

–        Waxing regularly reduces hair growth.



With all the said benefits waxing comes with some disadvantages me must tell you before you decide to wax your body hair


–        Waxing is a method which removes the hair by its roots so it can cause tiny wounds below the skin surface.

–        Regular waxing can cause damage to the hair bulb.

–        Waxing can lead to red and irritated skin.

–        Waxing can increase itching.

–         Waxing on down there can cause bacteria to penetrate the skin.

–        Waxing can burn and damage the surface.

–        Brazilian waxing can lead to virus infection, which can cause spots in the area. 

–        Waxing your face can result in some side effects as dry skin and pimple formation.


There are precautions you must take, and you must wisely choose to wax as there are many contradictions related. The following factors are known to make the skin prone to skin lifting

–        Sunburn

–        Laser skin treatment

–        Cosmetic or reconstructive surgery

–        Severe varicose leg veins

–        Rosacea or very sensitive skin.

–        History of fever blisters or cold sores.

–        Taking prednisone or steroids.

–        Taking blood-thinning medicines.

–        Taking the drug for autoimmune diseases

–        Psoriasis, eczema, or other chronic skin diseases.

–        Using Trevino, tazarotene, or any other peeling agent.

–        Recent surgical peel, microdermabrasion or chemical peel using glycolic, alpha hydroxy, salicylic acid or other acid-based products.




  1. Can I try waxing underarms during pregnancy? 

ANS. Yes there are no issues to wax while being pregnant keep the area clean and hygienic

  1. Can I bikini wax during periods? 

ANS. Yes, you can go for bikini wax while your periods keep in mind that your bikini area is much more sensitive at the time and keep it hygienic to avoid infections.

  1. Waxing on the face?

ANS. Yes, waxing can be done on the facial hair too.

  1. Waxing while fasting? 

ANS. Waxing does not break your fast.

  1. Waxing in Islam and at Roza and Ramadan time?

ANS. Waxing is permitted in Islam and the Roza and Ramadan time. 

  1. Waxing numbing creams? 

ANS. It is not advisable to use any numbing cream instead ice the numb the area. 


With covering all the topics related to waxing, I can ensure you that you will find everything our article. So like every other time, I will be seeking your reviews and advice in the comment section.

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