Watch The “Grocery Store Ad” From SNL

Watch The “Grocery Store Ad” From SNL

An otherwise routine task that becomes more difficult as we suddenly find ourselves at home is grocery shopping. As more and more people turned to cook at home, empty shelves were photographed were once an abundance of flour and yeast sat. And let’s not forget this national shortage of toilet paper.

Let it Saturday Night Live find humor in a situation even in the worst moments. Cue stars Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant, who took the place of female grocers Kathy and Suzanna-Anne-Helen for an advertisement on Bartenson’s grocery store.

Watch The “Grocery Store Ad” From SNL

“Although we may run out of things like eggs and soap, some items are extremely in stock,” says Suzanna-Anne-Helen.

“We can’t get rid of it,” adds Kathy.

This (fictitious) list of items includes Mint Pringles, Peeps Soup, Crab Pepsi, and Tomoo, which is beef and cheese tofu.

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The announcement also mocks the additional complications of home grocery deliveries amid increased demand. Bartenson’s website makes substitutions in the bof an eye, but automation don’t always work. For example, an order for pasta sauce is converted to a jar of salsa. The toilet paper is replaced by a Van Helsing DVD.

“At Bartenson, we can always guarantee certain things: dedication, customer service, and the availability of certain items that we will never have,” says Suzanna-Anne-Helen.

We won’t spoil the hysterical list of remaining items, but one of the funniest moments in the sketch is a recurring joke on Dasani water, which social media users have spotted always on store shelves even though other brands have sold.

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