Watch Chris Hemsworth Prove His Thor Strength Against an Arcade Game

Thor has fought many evil foes in the MCU, but perhaps none as dastardly as an immobile arcade game that tests one’s own strengths. The punching bag game challenged Chris Hemsworth to a fight, but it was actually the actor’s stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton who walked away the winner. Hemsworth posted video of his tussle with the game to his Instagram stories, which only goes to prove that you should stay out of this God’s way when he starts swinging fists.

Testing his punching strength against the arcade game, Chris Hemsworth proves that he is truly worthy of Thor’s hammer. And it’s no wonder that Marvel cast him in the role over a decade ago. Hemsworth has been shooting the fourth installment in the MCU franchise in Australia, with Thor: Love and Thunder hitting theaters in 2022. The actor took some time off to enjoy the local arcade, and showed off his hard hitting punching skills to boot.

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The arcade game in question required Chris Hemsworth to punch a speed ball that rates an individual’s strength levels. Hemsworth started out with a mighty Thor punch, racking up an impressive score of 8,792. He then gave the speed ball a roundhouse kick that racked up a score of 7,721. Neither show of strength was able to beat the high score of 9,051 that was already on the machine when he approached it.

Leave it to stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton to save the day. Hemsworth’s Thor: Love and Thunder stand-in was able to punch the speed ball so hard, he beat the high score with his own score of 9,112. After the video made the rounds, some fans on social media started referring to Hanton as the real Thor.

Thor 4 has had Chris Hemsworth training harder than he ever has before on a Marvel set. He has upped the intensity level of his workouts to add more strength and size to his already impressive physique. And he’s inspired his co-stars Natalie Portman, who plays The Mighty Thor Jane Foster, and Chris Pratt, who returns as Star-Lord, to up their own workout regimes.

Chris Hemsworth hasn’t just been giving it his all for Thor, a character he will be reprising for the ninth time in Love and Thunder. He is also getting ready to play Hulk Hogan in an upcoming biopic on the WWE wrestler and legend. Hemsworth has enjoyed showing off his muscles on social media these past few months, and is never shy about sharing his progress. He is quick to allow cameras into his gym, and impressed fans with a tire flip that showcased his bulging biceps. His workout videos often go viral for their intensity.

The speed ball arcade game actually puts a number on his strength with that impressive score, even if his stuntman was able to beat his powerful punch. Both men punched the speed ball so hard, it looked like it was going to fly off the machine. Bobby Holland Hanton has spent his days working right alongside Chris Hemsworth, bulking up as Thor’s double. Hanton has joked that Hemsworth’s persistence in the gym has become somewhat of annoyance because he constantly has to keep up and gain weight. And frankly, he’s a little bored of eating.

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