Wasn’t every OnePlus phone supposed to have a high refresh rate?

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  • A OnePlus manager had previously promised that all future OnePlus phones would feature Fluid Display technology.
  • However, the OnePlus Nord N100 has a 60 Hz LCD screen.
  • The company told Android Authority that was the promise regarding flagship phones.

OnePlus is having a peak year in terms of budget-conscious devices. With the OnePlus Nord, the first mid-range phone was launched on the market in five years. Now there are two more affordable phones, the OnePlus Nord N10 and the N100.

The OnePlus Nord N100, in particular, is an interesting version for the company as it offers a 60 Hz LCD screen. This is remarkable in that OnePlus apparently promised to offer high refresh rate screens for all future phones back in September last year.

“From now on, all future OnePlus smartphones will be equipped with Fluid Display technology,” the former OnePlus manager Carl Pei was quoted as saying at the start of OnePlus 7T India.

Does that mean the company broke its promise by releasing the OnePlus Nord N100? We asked OnePlus.

“Nord is a different line of products and [the quote] OnePlus India’s launch related to our flagship devices, ”said a company spokesman Android Authority.

The OnePlus manager clearly made no mention of the “flagship” when announcing that all future phones would offer Fluid Display technology, and the north line wasn’t close at the time of Pei’s testimony. For what it’s worth, the CEO noted at the time that Fluid Display was “a lot more” than just a high refresh rate screen, and said that a “great panel”, performance and animation are part of the technology too.

Still, this omission is a bit confusing, since the Oppo A53, which seems to be the basis for the OnePlus Nord N100, offers a refresh rate of 90 Hz anyway. OnePlus may have decided against the higher refresh rate for performance or cost reasons or wanted to further differentiate the Nord N10 from the cheaper phone.

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