Warzone Announces New Ban Wave Targeting 13,000 Accounts

Hackers beware, as a Call Of Duty: Warzone announcement reveals a ban wave targeting 13,000 accounts in an attempt to curb player cheating.

A new ban wave that will sweep Call of Duty: Warzone is set to target 13,000 accounts in an attempt to free the game from a large number of cheaters. Warzone is known for its fast-paced battle royale gameplay that pins players in a survival deathmatch for their lives. What Warzone is also known for are bugs that give players an upper-hand in battle, as well as an army of cheaters who use hacks and exploits to win games unfairly (especially on PC). One such exploit allows players to get underneath the map in Rebirth Island, making it possible to rain down fire on unsuspecting victims without repercussions.

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Call of Duty: Warzone has been known to issue ban waves before, punishing gamers for exploiting bugs and using hack clients to gain unfair advantages in the game. Even huge Twitch streamers aren’t safe from Warzone’s punishments. One was caught red-handed, and the Twitch streamer was banned from two Call of Duty games in a single stream. While most players try to earn their victories with practice and determination, too many get away with ruining the game for others in order to reward themselves without effort, and innocent players sometimes even get banned in the crossfire between developers’ and hackers’ game of cat-and-mouse.

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In a tweet by developer Raven Software, the developer revealed that another mass banning came to Call of Duty: Warzone on March 23, as over 13,000 accounts were banned. This comes hot off the heels of a wave of bans that came only a week prior, which coincided with an update to Warzone‘s anti-cheat software. Raven proudly proclaims that this latest ban wave is proof that it’s “keeping them coming.”

While the ban wave is likely welcomed by Warzone players since it should theoretically mean higher-quality matches, many players still don’t think it’s enough. One Twitter user points out that all of the issues could have been solved and a lot of time would be saved if Warzone had a better anti-cheat system. Instead of constantly targeting hackers in ban wave after ban wave, the game could incorporate a stronger anti-cheat system that registers unfair advantages and hack clients and automatically issues bans on the developer’s behalf. However, only Activision, Raven, and other Call of Duty developers likely have a full understanding of exactly how Warzone‘s anti-cheat functions, and it’s easy to oversimplify an issue when passions run high amid discussion on cheaters.

Ban waves not only punish hackers for ruining the game for others while aiming to keep other potential cheaters in line, but non-hacking players inevitably get swept up in these mass account suspensions. Hopefully, the ban wave works to deter more hackers from joining the fray and Call of Duty: Warzone‘s anti-cheat software continues to improve in accuracy and effectiveness for legit players’ benefit.

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Source: Raven Software

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