“Warrior” By Jean-Michel Basquiat Breaks Price Record For

“Warrior,” a 1982 painting by Jean-Michel Basquit, is now the most expensive piece of Western art sold in Asia after Christie’s auction, which, in a manner of speaking, took place in Hong Kong. An art newspaper story on sale states that the painting was sold “for an underestimate”, yet had a record-breaking sum of $ .77,000,

Even if the price remained at the lower end of predetermined estimates, it was enough to break a price record for Western art in Asia. But that record was also broken on a technical thing, as the auction was held in London with anonymous bidders from New York and Hong Kong dying for the piece over the phone.

The sales price is a substantial spike compared to the previous sales history of “Warrior”, which went for $ 1.5 million in 2005 and again for $ 5.6 million two years later, both at Christie’s auction.

LEON NEAL / AFP / GettyImages

“Warrior” was portrayed during Basquette’s most productive and creatively fertile period, as explained by Christian Albu in a statement to the art newspaper:

“This” 1981-1982 – Undoubtedly, the best period for BaseQT. If you look at the top ten records, nine out of ten are from 1981 to 1982. The energy of his work was at its peak. And this is rare. Such a big one… If you look at the ‘La Hara’ that we sold in New York in 2017 for $ 34.9 million, it was from the same period, of the same dimension, with the same rawness about it, the same reality. What was happening in New York in 1981–1982, therefore, is historically very important. “

Despite its geographical realities, the sale took place under Christie’s Hong Kong aegis, as part of a conscious effort to break price records in the region, and also record if art collectors in Asia continue to show more interest in Western art. Can not last long before it breaks.

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