VOD: what are the films to see this week from January 30 to February 5? – Cinema news

vod: what are the films to see this week from january 30 to february 5? - cinema news

What are the latest VOD releases? The answer in our weekly recap.

The Intranquilles

Available on VOD February 1, 2022

Leila and Damien love each other deeply. Despite her fragility, he tries to continue his life with her knowing that he may never be able to give her what she wants.

South Of Heaven

Available on VOD February 1, 2022

Jimmy is granted early parole after twelve years in prison for armed robbery. Upon his release, he makes a promise to Annie, his childhood sweetheart, dying of cancer, to give him the best year of his life – sadly, it’s not that simple.

7 days

Available on VOD February 1, 2022

The day before summer vacation, Mamoru discovers that his neighbor Aya, with whom he is secretly in love, is going to move house. He offers her to run away for a week to celebrate her 17th birthday. They hide in an abandoned factory where they are joined by their friends. They soon discover that they are not the only ones hiding there: a young Thai refugee is trying to escape the police while waiting to find his parents. The joyous escapade planned by Mamoru then turns into a 7-day war to save their protege.

Riders of Justice

Available for digital purchase on February 1, 2022

Markus, a Danish soldier stationed in Afghanistan, rushes home after the death of his wife in a subway accident to take care of their daughter. A survivor, Otto, contacts Markus and explains to him that the accident was in fact a carefully orchestrated attack.

Everything went well

Available on VOD February 1, 2022

Emmanuèle, a successful novelist in her private and professional life, rushes to the hospital, her father André has just had a stroke. Fantastical, passionately loving life but diminished, he asks his daughter to help him get it over with. With the help of her sister Pascale, she will have to choose: accept her father’s will or convince him to change his mind.

The translator

Available on VOD February 1, 2022

In 2000, Sami was the translator for the Syrian Olympic team in Sydney. A slip in the translation forced him to stay in Australia, where he was granted political refugee status. In 2011, the Syrian revolution broke out and Sami’s brother was arrested during a peaceful demonstration. Despite the dangers, he decides to risk everything and return to Syria to free him…


Available on VOD February 2, 2022

Diego Martinez has just been hired as a night security guard in the city hospital. During his first round, he hears strange noises. He then sees the body of a man he previously killed in a car accident. As disturbing phenomena multiply, he will realize that an unknown force is keeping him locked up in the morgue…

The Summit of the Gods

Available on VOD February 2, 2022

In Kathmandu, the Japanese reporter Fukamachi thinks he recognizes Habu Jôji, this mountaineer who was thought to have disappeared years ago. He seems to hold in his hands a camera that could change the history of mountaineering. What if George Mallory and Andrew Irvine were the first men to summit Everest on June 8, 1924? Only the small Kodak Vest Pocket with which they had to photograph themselves on the roof of the world could deliver the truth. 70 years later, in an attempt to solve this mystery, Fukamachi embarks on the footsteps of Habu. He discovers a world of enthusiasts thirsty for impossible conquests and decides to accompany him to the ultimate journey to the summit of the gods.

Flag Day

Available on VOD February 2, 2022

John Vogel was an extraordinary character. As a child, his daughter Jennifer marveled at his magnetism and ability to make life a grand adventure. He taught her a lot about love and joy, but she will discover his secret life as a bank robber and counterfeiter. Based on a true story, FLAG DAY is the portrait of a young woman struggling to heal the wounds of her past, while rebuilding her father-daughter relationship.

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