VLCC Gold Facial kit , Price and How to use

VLCC Gold Facial kit , Price and How to use

Hi girls!!! We would love to try gold facial when we are going for a party, family function or the wedding. Gold adds a luxury factor when used for facial. I will do this VLCC gold facial kit review today in this post. I used this facial kit 1 week ago and now that I have tested what exactly I have to write about this product, I thought of sharing the review with you. I had also included this in my best gold facial kits in India post. So, let’s get started with the VLCC gold facial kit review.

VLCC gold facial kit

Price of VLCC gold facial kit: The single time usage pack of VLCC gold facial kit consists of rupees 235, which includes 4 sachets for 4 facial steps and a small free Gold insta bleach from VLCC.

VLCC gold facial kit review

How I have used this VLCC Gold facial kit

For any facial first of all the bleach is being used. I had used the gold bleach one day before I did this VLCC gold facial kit. So, to start the facial, I took all my hair back and tied them so, that they will not come on my face.


VLCC gold facial kit review

VLCC gold facial kit review

VLCC gold facial kit review

Step 1: VLCC Gold Scrub

This gold scrub in this VLCC gold facial kit has a gel texture and a pale yellowish orange color inside that there were small rectangular sheets of shining gold particles which when I rub on my face get bursts. The scrub feel like as if there is not anything in it like the particles but the very small gold particles actually scrub the face very mildly and gently. This gold scrub has gold oxide, sandalwood, aloe vera and triclosan. I liked the scrubs and this will suit the sensitive skin types as well since this is very mild.

VLCC gold facial kit review

How to use this gold scrub

  • I scrubbed my face for 3-5 minutes by gently massaging the face with fingers.
  • Then I washed my face with water. You can also use a wet towel and wipe the scrub off.
  • By the way the scrub was left around half of the quantity which I kept for my mum since the quantity was suitable to be used by 2 people.

Step 2: VLCC Gold Peel off Mask

VLCC gold facial kit review

This is a peel off mask that had to be used after the scrub. This is very thick yellowish colored peel off mask. I have used many peel off mask but this was a bit hard to apply as this was very thick. The mask was suitable for one person and this cannot be used for 2 people. The mask gave me slight burning sensation when I applied this and I peeled it off my face after 20 minutes when this was fully dried. I though that the mask would be the last step but in the instructions it was written to be used after the scrub and is no 2 step of this VLCC gold facial kit.

Step 3: VLCC Gold Gel

VLCC gold facial kit review

This gel has a transparent and very soothing texture. This is gel which when I applied I felt so good because the gel is very moisturizing and glides so smoothly. It feels as if I am using some pure aloe vera natural gel. This gel too can be divided amongst 2 people as the quantity is huge for one person. I kept massaging the face with this gold gel and I did that for around 5-7 minutes. After that taking a wet towel, I cleaned the gel off the face. This gold gel has gallnut and sandalwood extracts along with allantoin.

Step 4: VLCC Gold Cream

VLCC gold facial kit review price how to use 12

This cream has wheat germ, gold oxide, gallnut extracts, turmeric & sandalwood. This is a very thick cream which needs to be massaged on the face. I kept massaging my face with this cream for good 10 minutes. Then took some water on my palms and then massaged again for 5 minutes. I think this can also be used 2 times or 2 people. After the massaging with this cream I gentle wiped off the excess cream off my face and then pat dry.

Results after using this VLCC Gold Facial Kit

After using this facial kit by VLCC, I felt that my face was glowing as we have applied so many creams and a gold gel also so that was obvious. I did not feel any allergies or reactions. But one thing I would like to say here that the peel off mask has a burning sensation so the gold gel that I applied after this peel off mask helped me get rid of the tingling and burning sensation. But I don’t thing that the gold peel off mask will suit the sensitive skin, this could also leave the sensitive skin inflamed or rashes. As such there were no harsh side effects but you can do a patch test first.

VLCC gold facial kit review

VLCC gold facial kit review

I think for those of you who have got sensitive skin can use Everyuth golden glow peel off mask that is gentle and good instead of this. That too contains gold particles.

So, after doing this facial there was brightness and my skin felt supple. The glow that we need was shown after 203 days of using this. I have oily skin and this has not done any reactions or allergies or even blocked the pores. Therefore, I will recommend this VLCC gold facial kit to everyone except for the sensitive skinned people. By the way there is a certificate of purity.

VLCC gold facial kit review price how to use 14

Good about VLCC Gold Facial Kit

  • This pack of single time usage is affordable and includes a free bleach
  • The scrub is really good and mildly exfoliates the skin hence suitable for sensitive skin as well.
  • The gold gel is clear gel like texture which is extremely soothing and I liked massaging my face with that. That gel actually hydrates the skin very well.
  • The gold cream has wheat germ, sandalwood etc which deeply moisturizes the dry skin and adds a glow.
  • The kit is easy to be used by one for doing home facials.

Not so good about VLCC Gold Facial Kit

  • The peel off mask is very thick to apply evenly and has a strong smell.
  • That also gives slight burning sensation. I did not like that. Other products in this kit are really good so, I think I can use the Everyuth golden glow peel off mask instead of this mask.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Take: VLCC gold facial kit is good to get a glow for 4-5 days at home in budget. This is inexpensive as compared with the parlor facials. I liked the three products in this kit which are the scrub, gel and the gold cream but the peel off mask is not good as it is very thick and gives slight burning so that is not for girls with sensitive skin. Other than that this was a good facial kit.

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