Vladimir Putin’s Former Son-In-Law Reportedly Got $380 Million Stake In Chemical Company For $100 After Marrying His Daughter

It pays to be in Vladimir Putin’s inner circle, apparently. In 2013, Putin’s daughter, Katerina Tikhonova, married Kirill Shamalov. Putin was apparently grateful for marrying his daughter after Kirill was given a $ 380 million stake in Russian petrochemical company Sibur, just a few months after marrying Putin’s daughter. It also helps that Kirill’s father Nikolay is an old friend of Vladimir Putin. Of course, this is Russia and Putin, we cannot confirm that Katerina is actually his daughter. He is fiercely personal about his personal life. However, it is widely accepted that Katerina is his younger daughter. She married Shalmov in a three-day event in February 2013 at Igor Ski Resort, Russia.

Allegedly, this stake of $ 380 million for $ 100 is being investigated for corruption. It holds a 3.8% stake in the $ 10 billion company. By allegedly paying $ 100, he is 3.8 million times the market value of his stake. The alleged deal helped make Shalmov at the age of 32 the youngest Russian billionaire. He is now 38 years old.

Denis Grombowski / Getty Images

Previously, we reported that a year after marrying Katerina, Kirill was able to buy a 17% stake in Sibur from a friend of his father-in-law’s. Kirill took a loan to purchase the stock. Sibur was valued at $ 10 billion. Once Kiril was purchased, it emerged as the second largest shareholder in Sibur with a 21% stake. Now it appears that he actually only spends $ 100 on that stake.

The $ 100 deal came to light in leaked emails. Kirill not only got a bonus for marrying Kirina. The couple found a $ 5.4 million mansion in Biarritz as well as a house near Moscow that cost them $ 8 million to renovate.

Katerina and Kirill divorced in 2018, when they started an affair with a Russian socialite who lives in London. Shalmov’s affair with Jhalmna Volkova surfaced in 2017, when a photo of him was shown dancing to a Mystery Man at a Valentine’s Day party. Volkova took care to partially obscure Shalov’s face with an emoji, but what could be seen looked similar to Shamlov’s.

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