Virtual photos: Maison Apnoea’s FaceTime editorial

Maison Apnoea’s FaceTime editorial: o cope with this difficult situation Maison Apnoea, the brand of Pina Pirozzi and Enzo Della Valle, has decided to opt for the virtual photos via Facetime, filling the required distance digitally. The idea of ​​being able to immortalize a collection through this series of tools that join together in a completely unusual way, is spreading as a forced alternative to manifest one’s creativity.

The model, the photographer and the designers, all remotely, coordinated only thanks to the technology to create this digital campaign linked to the theme ofintimacy. The collection of Maison Apnoea in fact it was conceived starting from one fragile condition, totally disconnected from the pandemic (we had already talked about it here), but absolutely current in the matter.

The items of the spring summer 2020 collection have been mixed with some pieces of the autumn season because the goal is to eliminate a rigid seasonal division and focus on a creative production and, above all, without the constraints imposed by a system that has proven not to be healthy.

Virtual photos: Maison Apnoea’s FaceTime editorial

Virtual photos: Maison Apnoea's FaceTime editorial
Virtual photos: Maison Apnoea’s FaceTime editorial

© Giuseppe Attanasio – Art Direction and styling: Damiano Riccio

The double soul of the duo converges in the alternating collection Neapolitan tailoring in the invoice to a world linked to streetwear in references. This duplicity fully emerges in the virtual photos created for the campaign that brings together the individual pieces, intended both as emotional components and as parts of the various garments.

The element that runs through the whole collection is the drawstring which acts as a binder, literal and conceptual. A polo shirt in coated mesh is combined with shorts decorated with maxi pockets closed, in fact, with a drawstring; the same concept is also taken up for the dress with the bare back bordered by an embossing, made with these recurring ties.

© Giuseppe Attanasio - Art Direction and styling: Damiano Riccio

Even a micro top and maxi eco-vinyl gloves are finished using these long laces, which are used to modify their volumes; as is the case with the long pleated parachute canvas skirt, which perfectly sums up the mix between streetwear and traditional tailoring. The white suit finally brings with it another distinctive feature of the brand: the buttoning. These are in fact the decoration of the sleeves of the jacket and the legs of the pants, making the ensemble modern and the silhouette constantly variable.

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