Viola Davis against discrimination in Hollywood

In case you don’t know, Viola Davis she was the first black actress to get the elusive “Triple Crown of Acting”, which means that her incredible performances earned her an Oscar, an Emmy and a Tony. Still, Davis is well aware that he doesn’t have the respect (or the pay) he deserves in Hollywood.

In a video taken from a 2018 interview, Davis – whose screen hits include The rules of the perfect crime, Eat, pray, love (to name a few) – gives a passionate speech about self-esteem during the event Women of the World. “I got an Oscar, I got an Emmy, I took two Tonys, I acted on Broadway and extra Broadway, I made TV, I made films, I did everything”, so Davis retraces the stages of his amazing curriculum.

“I have a career that is probably comparable to that of Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore, Sigourney Weaver,” continues Davis, who graduated from Julliard in 1993. “All the others are also from Yale, Julliard, New York University. They have followed my own path, and yet I am not like them, both in terms of money and job opportunities. In short, from no point of view “.

Viola Davis, whose career in the entertainment industry has spanned more than 30 years, said she was often compared to Meryl Streep (the actress with the most nominations of all time). “But to those who tell me:” You are a colored Meryl Streep. There is no one like you, I have to answer. “Okay, then if there is no one like me, and you really think I am like that, then pay me how much i am worth. “Streep is one of the highest paid actresses in the world, she takes millions of dollars for her films.

Davis made this speech during a talk with Tina Brown at the 2018 conference, in the months following the birth of the Me Too movement. Although he agreed with the movement, he also wanted to clarify the situation of the racial pay gap. “We won’t talk about gender inequality in wages,” Davis said. “Because many women who have intervened – and I support them, okay – are paid half of what a man is paid, it’s true! But we probably we get a tenth of what a white woman gets and I’m number one (think about the others). So I have to fight for recognition of our worth. This is what I feel I have to do. “

The clip resurfaced these days after being shared by artists like Octavia Spencer and Gabrielle Union and has since gone viral. The actress’s words seem more relevant than ever two years later, in a time of global showdown with systemic racism. “You’re the ONLY and only Viola Davis,” Oscar-winning colleague Spencer wrote on Instagram when she shared the video. Listen, listen … “.

The article was originally published in British Tips Clear.


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