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251+ Best Viking Tattoos and Meanings 2022

Viking tattoos were a way of expressing Viking culture and heritage. Viking tattoos were not only aesthetic but also had a deep meaning. Viking tattoos would often depict scenes from Norse mythology or Viking history. They would also be used to represent Viking values such as strength, courage, and honor. Viking tattoos were typically tattooed on the arms, chest, or back. They were also commonly seen on the legs and shoulders. Viking tattoos were a way for Vikings to show their pride in their culture and heritage.

Viking tattoos

Today, Viking tattoos are some of the most popular designs in the world. Unlike other tattoo designs that come and go with the seasons, Viking tattoos have remained popular for centuries. There are several reasons for this enduring popularity. First and foremost, Vikings left a mark on history. They were brave warriors who conquered most of Europe and Eastern countries. In addition, their unique lifestyle and culture has inspired many people over the centuries.

Today, there are Viking-themed movies, TV shows, books, and even video games. As a result, it’s not surprising that so many people are drawn to Viking tattoos. Another reason for their popularity is that Viking tattoos can be very versatile. They can be small and delicate or large and bold. They can be simple or complex.

And they can be placed almost anywhere on the body. Whether you’re looking for a subtle design or a statement piece, a Viking tattoo is sure to impress. So if you’re considering getting a tattoo, why not go with a design that has stood the test of time? Choose a Viking tattoo and join the ranks of those who have been inspired by these brave warriors.

Norse symbols and their meanings

Viking ship tattoo designs

Viking ship tattoo designs are popular among people with Norse or Scandinavian heritage. The viking ship was an important symbol in Norse culture, and it was often used to represent the journey of life. Viking ship tattoo designs often feature intricate details and symbolism. Common design elements include dragons, wolves, and eagles.

These animals were thought to be protectors of the viking people, and they often represented strength and power. Viking ship tattoo designs can be customized to include personal meaning. For example, some people choose to include viking runes in their design.

These symbols can represent a variety of concepts, such as courage or wisdom. Ultimately, viking ship tattoo designs are a way for people to connect with their Norse heritage and express their individuality.
viking tattoos

Traditional viking tattoo designs

Viking symbol for brother

Traditional viking tattoo designs are unique and often feature intricate knotwork. One popular viking symbol is the valknut, which consists of three interlocking triangles. This symbol was often used to represent the viking concept of brotherhood. Other popular viking tattoo designs include depictions of dragons, wolves, and ships.

These tattoos were often seen as a way to display strength and power, and they continue to be popular among those who appreciate viking culture. In recent years, traditional viking tattoos have experienced a resurgence in popularity, thanks in part to the hit television show “Vikings.” As more people become interested in viking culture, it is likely that traditional viking tattoo designs will continue to grow in popularity.

Viking sleeve tattoos

If you’re looking for a bold and unique tattoo, a viking sleeve tattoo is the perfect choice. While viking tattoos are typically associated with men, there’s no reason why women can’t get in on the action. A viking girl sleeve tattoo is the perfect way to show off your fierce and independent spirit. Viking tattoos are often heavily detailed, featuring dragons, warriors, and other mythical creatures.

If you’re not into intricate designs, you can opt for a simpler viking-inspired tattoo. Either way, a viking sleeve tattoo is sure to turn heads and start conversations. So if you’re looking for a tattoo that’s both beautiful and eye-catching, consider a viking girl sleeve tattoo.
Viking Forearm Tattoos

Viking symbols and meanings

Viking culture is rich in symbolism and meaning. Many Viking symbols were designed to convey important messages, and some of them are still used today. One of the most well-known Viking symbols is the hammer of Thor. This symbol was often used to represent strength and power, and it was also believed to offer protection from harm.

Other popular Viking symbols include the wolf, which represented loyalty and courage, and the dragon, which represented strength and invincibility. Viking symbols often held deep personal meaning for the people who used them, and they continue to be used as a way to connect with Viking culture and history.

Old German Symbols and Meanings

Old German symbols and meanings were often used in everyday life as a way to communicate without words. Some of these symbols are still in use today, while others have been forgotten over time. One of the most common Old German symbols was therunic alphabet, which was used for writing until the early medieval period. This alphabet was composed of straight lines and angles, which made it easy to carve into wood or stone.

Other Old German symbols included the swastika, which represented the sun, and the double-headed eagle, which represented power and strength. Today, these Old German symbols can be found on everything from necklaces to beer steins, providing a glimpse into the past.

Viking helmets

Viking helmets were often designed with ravens or other birds of prey. This was because the Viking warriors believed that these birds were attracted to battlefields, and that their presence would give them a good omen for victory. Viking helmet tattoos are popular among people who want to show their love for Scandinavian culture.

These tattoos can be designed in a variety of ways, but they typically feature a raven or other bird of prey perched on the helmet. Viking helmet tattoos can be placed anywhere on the body, but they are often seen on the arm or shoulder.Traditional Viking Tattoos

Viking Symbol Tattoos and Meanings

Many people choose to get tattoos based on their cultural heritage. For those with Scandinavian roots, Norse symbols are a popular choice. The most iconic of these is the Viking compass, also known as the Vegvisir. This symbol was used as a wayfinding tool by medieval Norsemen and is thought to represent the power of protection and good fortune.

It is often tattooed as a reminder to stay true to one’s self and stay on course, even in difficult times. Other popular Viking tattoos include the Valknut, a symbol associated with Odin that represents heroism and courage, and the Helm of Awe, which was thought to strike fear into one’s enemies. Whatever their meaning, Norse symbols make for beautiful and unique tattoos that are sure to turn heads.

Norse rune for love

Many people choose to get tattoos based on their cultural heritage. For those with Scandinavian roots, Norse symbols are a popular choice. The most iconic of these is the Viking compass, also known as the Vegvisir. This symbol was used as a wayfinding tool by medieval Norsemen and is thought to represent the power of protection and good fortune.

It is often tattooed as a reminder to stay true to one’s self and stay on course, even in difficult times. Other popular Viking tattoos include the Valknut, a symbol associated with Odin that represents heroism and courage, and the Helm of Awe, which was thought to strike fear into one’s enemies. Whatever their meaning, Norse symbols make for beautiful and unique tattoos that are sure to turn heads.

The Vikings TV series

The Vikings TV series has inspired a lot of people in terms of fashion and style. One example is this calf tattoo which is a combination of traditional Norse elements with a modern twist. The design features a raven, a symbol of Odin, as well as a pair of swords which represent the Viking warriors. The use of black and grey shading gives the tattoo a realistic look, while the addition of some red highlights makes it more vibrant. Overall, this is a great example of how the Vikings TV series has influenced popular culture.
Viking inspired tattoos

viking symbol of strength tattoos

norse symbols for strength

Unlike Chinese mythology, Viking never believed in dragons. So it would be a killer tattoo if you add a viking warrior with a dragon. I think the placement of the tattoo is very important. It should be big enough to get attention but not too big that it becomes overwhelming. The colors are also important. I think choosing colors that contrast well with each other will create a more visually appealing tattoo. Overall, I think a Viking warrior with a dragon tattoo would be a killer tattoo!
Meaning of Viking Tattoos

Viking Tribal Tattoos Designs

norwegian family symbol

6. Viking god tattoos are common. Loki is among the favorites for such tattoo designs.
Viking rune tattoos

Viking Symbol Tattoos and Meanings

viking symbols of protection

7. Most Viking warriors were well built and even in their 60s they looked fearsome and enraged. Here is an amazing Viking portrait tattoo.
Viking warrior tattoos

nordic viking tattoo designs

odin eye symbol

8. Only a good tattoo artist can tell the difference between a Viking god and a Viking warrior. Here is a viking god tattoo with blue eyes.
Viking Tattoos Sleeves

Small Viking Symbol Tattoos

Celtic runes and meanings

9. Viking tattoos should look cool. In fact, they should portray the fearsome nature of a Viking warrior, as this tattoo image shows.
viking head tattoos

norse symbols and meanings

viking rune for strength

10. Since the Vikings were always at war, it was obvious that they lost a loved one in every war. You can have a sad viking warrior tattoo on your chest. You can learn more about the rich history of the Viking tribe.
Viking face tattoos

11. Crows mystify the Viking saga. If you want to add an animal to your viking warrior, add a raven or raven.
Viking Leg Tattoos

12. Viking goddess tattoos are as popular as tattoos of Viking gods and warriors. Here is an animated viking goddess tattoo.
Viking Tattoos Ideas

13. This Viking tattoo suggests that the Vikings were soulless people who were always ready for battle or war.
viking armor tattoos

14. I am very impressed with the facial hair detailing in this viking warrior tattoo.
viking sword tattoos

15. Here is a tattoo inspired by a viking stencil design.
Viking Sleeve Tattoos

viking sleeve tattoo

16. This viking art tattoo will look great on any part of the body (I would prefer the chest though).
Viking Warrior Symbol Tattoos

17. The Vikings traveled extensively in the 9th century and that is why the ship plays an important role in their mythology.
History of Viking Tattoos

18. You will hardly see any viking warrior tattoos without a helmet. Those determined eyes behind the helmet surely send shivers down your spine.
Viking Knotwork Tattoos

19. The beauty of this Viking tattoo is that the sea is not shown as peaceful and calm. The murderous seas claimed the lives of thousands of Vikings at this time.
Viking Knot Tattoos

20. Not sure why this viking art tattoo is designed like this, but if you want a temporary viking tattoo this will work fine.
Viking rune tattoos

Traditional Viking Tattoos

21. Most viking warrior tattoos focus on the face of the warrior, here is a full portrait of a viking warrior with an ax in his hand.
Traditional Viking Warrior Tattoos

22. You can have a simple helmet tattoo inspired by Viking culture.
Viking Armband Tattoos

23. I wouldn’t suggest using two or more Vikings in the same tattoo design because it won’t look cool.
Viking Ship Tattoos

24. Viking goddesses were beautiful and this viking goddess tattoo clearly shows their ageless beauty.
old viking tattoos

25. You can have a tattoo inspired by Viking paintings and you can find lots of these paintings on Tumblr, Pinterest and other online websites.
Viking Symbol Tattoos

Viking ship tattoo

26. Another rare tattoo inspired by Viking culture is the ax tattoo. You can have a single ax tattoo on your arm or your calf.
Viking Strength Symbol Tattoos

27. Viking tattoos are mostly inked on the legs or thighs as these parts of the body have more surface area.
Viking warrior tattoos

28. An angry viking warrior tattoo is hard to find, but you can have it for a while (it won’t look good all the time).
Real Viking Tattoos

29. Crossbows were also the main weapon of Viking warriors and you can also get a crossbow tattoo.
Viking Symbol Tattoos

30. I wouldn’t suggest you have a full sized viking tattoo on your chest, but if you go for one, have it of the viking god or goddess.
Viking chest tattoos

Viking Symbol Tattoos

31. Knuckle tattoos are not that common and it is hard to find a Viking knuckle tattoo. Here is a good idea for that.
Ancient Viking Tattoos

32. Viking tattoos will look even more majestic with motivational quotes.
Viking Raven Tattoos

33. Besides the legs, the shoulder and upper arm are also popular body parts for Viking tattoos.
viking tattoos for women

34. I don’t know why this Viking warrior has a third eye on his forehead. If you know a story, share it in a comment.
viking tattoos for men

35. Here is a Viking tattoo on this young boy’s upper arm.
Viking Tattoos Designs

Viking Raven Tattoo Designs

36. A warrior is not a warrior if he has no wounds or marks of war on his body. Here is a one-eyed viking warrior tattoo.
Viking Compass Tattoos

37. This viking warrior has two crows and I suggest you use only one crow
Simple Viking Tattoos

38. Vikings don’t usually tie their hair back, but you can have such a Viking tattoo where the Viking warrior’s hair is tied back.
Small Viking Tattoos

39. Here is a super cool viking warrior with a helmet on this boy’s shoulder.
Viking face tattoos

40. If you want a long sleeve viking tattoo, you should also add other items from viking mythology to the tattoo.
Viking style tattoos

Historical viking tattoo

41. Viking tribal tattoos are not that common because most tattoo artists consider Viking tattoos to be too good than a tribal tattoo.
Viking Tribal Tattoos

42. Besides the raven, the lion is another popular animal that you can add to your Viking tattoo.
Viking arm tattoos

43. This viking skull tattoo design would look better with color. You can add blue color to the eyes.
Celtic Viking Tattoos

44. You can also add an eagle to your Viking tattoo. Many people like to have Viking piercings on their body.
viking shield tattoos

45. Authentic Viking ghost tattoos are not for strength, they are meant to be a memorial tattoo.
Authentic Viking Tattoos

Viking Compass Tattoo Ideas

46. ​​The viking mask tattoo also looks amazing. Don’t give your Viking-themed tattoo a pin-up look.
Swedish Viking Tattoos

47. People add a wolf or a Valkyrie to their Viking tattoo because they look great on both boys and girls.
Cool Viking Tattoos

48. Viking king tattoos are hard to tell apart from viking warriors so you need to give them a unique look.
Viking back tattoos

49. This Viking Nordic tattoo design on this boy’s back is stunning.
Viking Skull Tattoos

50. You can also have a Viking outline on your body, but don’t have it all over your back or all over your chest.
viking tattoo on the back

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