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Video calling Apps for Android Smartphones

Video calling Apps for Android Smartphones

Video Calling ::  The days are gone when you have to hold the phone in hands for hours and talk.  Today it is all about video conferencing as in it can see each other’s face. Since now a day’s almost everybody owes a Smartphone and almost every one of the phone has a front camera built in.  So we can download different apps for video conferencing. With the upcoming of 3G and 4G technology, video calling has come into existence and everyone wants to video call with each other. If you are looking for an apps for video calling so here are four best video calling apps which will definitely help you in contacting with each other

Video calling

Skype– With the redesign look and feel it looks great no matter the screen size you had, see all of your friends family and colleagues together in one place and make video calls that looked and sounded like just you are talking face to face or simply switched to the back camera to what you are doing or what’s going on around you. You can even share your favorite moments by sending photos videos or files to anyone on your contact list. If situation calls for words you can send instant message or get everyone on the same page by making a group. Of course you can still call landlines and mobiles amazingly low rates and even send text messages to let them know you are almost home.

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To download the Skype App through Google Play click here

Tango– It offers the best video and voice call experience whether you are on wifi or on 3G or 4G mobile data. Catch up with friends and family around the world or joy some fun tangled games right in the call and now with tangle messages it easier than ever to send text, pictures , videos and even animated surprises. To get started make sure that your friends and family are in your phone’s address book  and all they need to do is to install tangle in their phone and if they don’t have it just invite them  and you are ready to tango in no time.

Cover artTo download the Tango App through Google Play click here

Hangouts– It is a free messaging, video and voice calling app in the play store. With the hangout you can communicate between two or more users. This service can be accessed online through websites like Gmail or through mobile apps available for android. Some of its new features are we can save our favorite conversation to home screen as it allows quick access. We can also message anywhere anytime even if we are offline.

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To download the Hangouts App through Google Play Click here

Line – It reshapes the commutation around the world and brings you closer to your loved ones, friends or family for free. With the help of line we can have free audio, video, and texting with the endless variety of stickers available in the line. It is constantly increasing its platform and will continue to provide a good experience to the user.

Cover artTo download the Line App through Google Play Click here

So above mentioned are my best 4 video calling apps which can help to communicate face to face anywhere anytime as you don’t always require Wifi3G or 4G data can be used.

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