Viacom Billionaire Sumner Redstone Paid AN INSANE Amount Of Money To Ex-Girlfriends And Hookups During His Lifetime

It was revealed this morning that Viacom / CBS mogul Sumner Redstone has passed away at the age of 97. Sumner has lived a pretty fascinating life. Her grandfather owned a bakery supplies business. His father drove a truck for the grandfather. During the ban, Sumner’s father made a healthy side income by illegally delivering alcohol. When the ban ended, the father started a legal alcohol distribution business. This venture was successful enough to fund secondary investments in nightclubs and the country’s first drive-in cinema. After studying law, Sumner spent a few years working as an antitrust lawyer for the US government. He joined the family business in his early 30s, eventually gaining control. Under Sumner’s leadership, the all-new “National Amusements” grew by opening drive-ins across the country. Sumner used the profits to buy large stakes in media companies. His first major acquisition was in 1987 when he bought Viacom for $ 3.7 billion. A few years later, he merged Viacom with Blockbuster to buy Paramount for $ 10 billion. Then, in 1999, he spent a then-record (for a media company) of $ 37 billion on CBS.

Along the way, Sumner’s 80% stake in family-owned National Amusements holding company rose to an all-time high of $ 6 billion. He was worth $ 2.6 billion at the time of his death in 2020.

Ultimately, Sumner was legendary both in the boardroom AND in the bedroom. He got married twice. Once for over 50 years. The second time to a woman almost four decades her junior. Apparently, along the way, he has had many dates.

We heard about some of these dates through a 2016 lawsuit involving an ex-girlfriend named Sydney Holland. Redstone’s family members took legal action against Holland and a housekeeper accusing them of emotionally abusing Sumner while making him abandon them. $ 150 million in donations over a period of five years.

In Holland’s response, she claimed that Redstone has a decades-long history of providing extremely lavish gifts and payments to her girlfriends.

Holland testified that the sex-hungry 90-year-old previously gave $ 18 million to a flight attendant who worked on the CBS business jet. He then had sex with his sister, to whom he gave $ 6 million.

The sisters were just two of at least 11 women Redstone showered with silver, according to Sydney Holland.

Redstone gave tens of millions of dollars to various other women – whom he did not intend to marry and was not in love with – at the time he was engaged to marry Sydney. Women who only provided sexual favors.“said the Los Angeles Superior Court case.

Here is Sumner and Sydney pictured together:

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Holland first met Redstone in the fall of 2010 when Patti Stanger premiered “The Millionaire Matchmaker”. Attending them involved expensive dinners and long drives on the Pacific Coast Highway. Soon Holland was Redstone’s lover and caregiver. In exchange, he agreed to take care of her financially for the rest of his life.

According to the record, Redstone demanded that Holland be home for lunch and dinner with him seven days a week. She also had to go to bed whenever he wanted, whether she was tired or not. In return, Redstone gave her Hermes bags, jewelry, art, money, and weekly bouquets of her favorite flowers.

But when Redstone found out about a short-lived affair Holland had been having, he kicked her out of his mansion and cut her off financially and took her out of his trust.

Holland asks for a reasonable sum per month, plus an amendment to Redstone’s personal trust reinstating her as beneficiary.

Holland also accuses Redstone’s daughter Shari of blocking Holland from her father’s life.

Sumner Redstone’s lawyers call Holland’s claims a work of fiction.

Some other notable claims from the deposit:

  • Sumner reportedly gave one of his mistresses – an aspiring reality TV producer – $ 21 million
  • He gave another woman – also met by Patti Stranger – $ 10-11 million
  • He gave another mistress $ 7 million
  • He gave a friend of his grandson’s girlfriend a job at Showtime and $ 6 million
  • He gave another mistress $ 1.5 million
  • He paid a student’s tuition at the University of California while paying him an undisclosed amount.
  • Holland claims that there is “many other women he gave tens of millions of dollars to
  • Holland is also dropping not-so-subtle clues that the billionaire’s sexual predilections are unconventional. Court documents say there have been “many other acts committed by Redstone and uncomfortable requests he made to Sydney that will not be detailed here.”

If you add all these so-called payments and combine them with the $ 150 million Sydney Holland and a housekeeper allegedly donated by Sumner, we’re talking about at least $ 220 million in payments to girlfriends and girlfriends. connections. This does not include “undisclosed amounts” or “tens of millions” allegedly paid to other women.

Foolish. Is it just me or wouldn’t it have been MUCH cheaper to pay to have some of the most expensive call girls on the planet available 24/7?

But hey. When you are a billionaire, you can do whatever you want with your money!


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