Vera Wang, 70, Shows Off Her Toned Abs And Legs On Instagram

Vera Wang, 70, Shows Off Her Toned Abs And Legs On Instagram

Vera Wang is best known for creating iconic wedding dresses, but it turns out that the fashion designer can also exercise. Twitter took a collective double take when the 70-year-old (yes, really!) Posted a series of streetwear photos on Instagram, featuring ridiculously toned abs and legs.

Vera Wang, 70, Shows Off Her Toned Abs And Legs
  • At 70, Vera Wang has just shown her abs and toned legs in several Instagram.
  • The fashion designer quarantined in Miami and worked more accordingly.
  • However, she told Harper’s Bazaar that she dreaded the treadmill.

Currently, Wang is quarantined in Miami with her “work day fashion family,” and as a result, she took fashion risks and exercised more than usual. “All of them are extremely fit, which prompted me to” train “almost every day,” she said. Harper’s Bazaar for the magazine’s #BazaarHopeAtHome survey on how the fashion community is working through the COVID-19 crisis. “[My quarantine group] being a hardcore fashion group, and having my lifelong obsession with leggings, I had the opportunity to “play” with clothes, something that even a fashion designer rarely has the luxury of doing. “

She also shared a photo with the publication, which she says “describes my personal conflict between loving sportswear and dreading the treadmill!”

Before she was quarantined in Miami, Wang was not really a fitness enthusiast, even though she trained as a competitive figure skater for most of her childhood in New York. In 2016, she told In the style, I’m not a big exercise lover, but I like to play golf at Liberty National, Jersey City, N.J., or at the Atlantic Golf Club in the Hamptons if I happen to be there. I am terrible but enthusiastic. “

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