Venom Piercing Images & Aftercare Information Guide (2020)

Piercings have been done since the dawn of time. Primitive tribes used different types of piercings or hairstyles to show positions and status. The meanings are of lesser hierarchical values these days however, the popularity is not any less. The culture of piercings has morphed and evolved over the years with different variations emerging. One of these variations is the venom piercing.

Urban Body Jewelry

Regardless if you have a new piercing, you should continue brushing your teeth. However, you must be gentle and avoid brushing your tongue until such time that all the swelling has disappeared.

The Oral-B Sensi-Soft Toothbrush gives you a gentle clean. Its ultra-soft bristles can gently and effectively clean your teeth and gums. Since this is a manual toothbrush then it can thoroughly eliminate plaque and food from your teeth to avoid tooth decay.

It is ergonomically designed to give you total control and makes your brushing more comfortable. Oral-B is the brand that most dentists use.

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Dial Complete Antibacterial Foaming Hand Soap

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Always wash your hands before touching your venom piercing. Wash it with an antibacterial soap such as Dial Complete Antibacterial Foaming Hand Soap. It can kill germs and it’s very gentle on the skin. There are two scents to choose from, Spring Water and Fresh Pear.

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Nutricare Plus Pure Emu Oil

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Emu Oil is hypo-allergenic, so it works well on any type of skin. You can apply it to any type of piercings. You can also use it on your wounds. Emu oil can soothe your skin. It can provide you with a soothing effect while healing your venom piercing.

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Venom Piercing Aftercare Tips

  • Try not to eat anything solid for the first 24 hours. Remember your tongue or lip now have two foreign objects injected into it and it is swollen and easily irritated. Too much irritation can cause excess bleeding and more swelling. If this happens you will be very uncomfortable.
  • Avoid consuming anything hot for the first two days. Drink room temperature water and cold juices which will help with the swelling and the coolness will soothe your tongue.
  • Do not consume any dairy products. The bacteria and coagulation process of milk products can actually lead to infections.
  • Do not use an antiseptic mouth wash that contains alcohol. This will irritate your piercing and slow healing process.
  • The best mouthwash until your piercing gets better is a combination of baking soda solution followed by a sea salt rinse. The baking soda will kill harmful bacteria that promote infections and cause odors while the sea salt will help with healing.
  • Try not to exchange saliva with anyone else for at least the first week, the saliva contains bacteria that can easily be swapped from person to person.
  • Be careful how close to the tip of the tongue the piercing is placed. There is a nerve to the tip of your tongue which affects your hearing if it is pinched the pain will be excruciating and it could affect your hearing. Have you ever bit your tongue and felt the pain in your inner ear? This is why.

These steps and procedures are to be followed whether or not your venom piercing is a tongue or lip venom piercing and do often account for almost every oral piercing.

Venom Piercing Common Questions

Now that you know a little about venom piercings, you probably have new questions in mind. Not to worry, many of our readers share the same feelings with us after reading our content. Here are some of their most commonly asked questions:

Is it painful to get a venom piercing?

You are going to have a certain level of pain no matter what piercing you get. A needle is going through a solid part of your body! The venom piercing is usually rated on the lower end of the pain scale, around a four out of ten for most people.

How long does it take for a venom piercing to heal?

This is also something that can depend on the person getting the piercing. With perfect piercing aftercare and watching what you eat, it can take around four weeks. In most cases, though, it takes about eight weeks to heal completely.

Are venom piercings dangerous?

As long as you take your time choosing a quality piercing shop, you should have nothing to worry about. The piercing itself doesn’t carry many risks when executed correctly. Any piercing can become dangerous without proper aftercare, so make sure you’re caring for it, and you should be just fine!

Venom Piercings Final Thoughts

Venom piercings are awesome piercings to look at, to play with, to kiss with and to show off. Oral hygiene, however, is of utmost importance. If you do not practice proper oral hygiene you run the risk of losing the piercing when infection sets in.

Protect your mouth and take care of your new venom piercing, seek the advice of safe piercings whenever necessary or reach out to us. Do you have a venom piercing yourself? Tell us in the comments how your experience was!

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