Valheim’s Survival System Won’t Kill You For Not Eating, & It’s Great

Valheim’s eating mechanics offer a refreshing take on survival games. No hunger system means food is an enhancement, not a monotonous necessity.

The eating mechanics in Valheim offers a refreshing survival system that doesn’t punish players for not consuming meals, unlike many survival game hunger systems. Instead, food can give users a buff to health, stamina, and regeneration. This is not only beneficial when exploring the vast, Norse-inspired fantasy realm, but it also perfectly makes sense within Valheim’s story and lore.

Valheim players technically start the game already dead. They were all once great warriors who perished in battle. Players are recruited to the 10th Norse world of Valheim by one of Odin’s Valkyries, where they must prove their worth to the Allfather to help him defeat his rising enemies. As the entire game takes place in a mythical Viking purgatory, it makes sense for starvation to not exist in Valheim.

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Of course, finding and making food is still important because of the benefits eating provides. It is especially important before a challenging encounter, if players wish to have an advantage. Players can consume up to three different types of food in Valheim at a time, but not the same kind twice in a row. Each of the game’s edibles has a varying duration and can temporarily increase health and stamina. This system makes eating an enjoyable experience, rather than a nuisance.

How Valheim’s Eating System Improves Survival Game Hunger

Valheim Survival System Won't Kill You For Not Eating It's Great

It can be frustrating in some survival games to constantly have to open the inventory just to eat in order to avoid death. Finding food in the first place can also be time-consuming and tedious. Although the necessity of eating makes sense – especially in games focused around survival – it can sometimes be a downright pain for players to stop whatever they’re doing just to have a snack. This is where Valheim excels in creating a stress-free experience when players would rather focus on more relaxing tasks, like building, after the thrill of fighting hordes of monsters has worn off.

Valheim players can spend hours constructing cabins, fortresses, or an entire village without having to worry about hunger and thirst. Increasing stamina through food can help expedite the process, but players are able to do so because they actually want to rather than have to. And because players’ characters experience Valheim as fallen warriors, not eating doesn’t break the game’s immersion.

Obtaining higher quality food in Valheim can be difficult, but is essential for fighting strong enemies, such as Valheim’s goblin-like Fulings, which drop precious resources like Black Metal scraps. It’s advisable for players to stock up and store food whenever possible, especially those with high base stats, like Lox Meat Pie or Serpent Stew, to prepare for these encounters. These recipes require ingredients that can be hard to get, like Barley Flour or Serpent Meat. Yet, because Valheim’s survival system deals away with maintaining hunger, acquiring these items is more of a fun challenge than a monotonous pain.

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