Valheim Map World Generator Uses Your Seed To Display The Entire Map

One dedicated Valheim fan has created an online map generator tool for players to see the entirety of their maps and locate specific landmarks.

Part of the experience in Valheim is exploring the world, with each map being completely unique and randomly generated. Every player has their own world, but not every world has been made equally, with some players generating worlds with resources and biomes spread far apart. To tackle this issue, one fan has created a world map generator that uses world seeds to display the entire map.

Valheim is a crafting and survival game, where players find themselves stranded on an island with mythical creatures from Norse mythology. Players are tasked with slaying Odin’s ancient rivals and bringing order back to the primordial purgatory. Either by themselves or with friends, players can build a base of operations and create weapons and armor to equip for battle. Take on ancient gods and unlock new powers through tests of strength and fortitude. 

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Over on the Valheim subreddit, user u/wd40bomber7 has posted a thread containing links to the online map generator they created. This tool allows players to input their world seed into the site and view the map of their world without the fog of war as it is in the game. The site can show users the entire map, including where other islands and special points are located in-game. This is especially useful for locating resources, the merchant, different biomes, boss spawning spots, camps, tombs, and shipwrecks. 

Being able to locate special characters such as the Merchant is key to beating some of the later bosses in Valheim, as this mysterious Nordic character can sell the player useful items, including the Megingjord which increases a character’s carrying weight by 150. Players don’t necessarily need to visit the Merchant to beat the current build of the game, but between the usefulness of the items and the various cosmetic equipment available for purchase, locating this NPC is a must for any dedicated Valheim fan. 

This site can also be useful for players or groups who wish to find the perfect map before beginning their game. Finding the right spot to set up a base is important in Valheim, as players will eventually unlock the ability to build teleporters and warp around the map. The base needs to serve as a respawn point and crafting hub, where players can continue expanding and building more crafting stations as they progress through the game. Having a base too far from multiple beginning biomes will cause players to spend hours lugging resources back and forth, maybe even dying on the way. 

While the map generator isn’t perfect, with the creator themselves stating that they are working on fixing some of the various issues and improving the app when they have time, the online tool improves the experience of playing Valheim considerably. It’s up to the player if they wish to make use of this tool, but players should note that it can help cut down on hours of needlessly wandering the world in search of rare materials. 

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Valheim is currently available on PC and Linux. 

Source: Reddit

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