Valheim Best Items to Get in the Black Forest Biome

Valheim’s Black Forest Biome is teeming to the brim with useful resources for players to use and craft with, which will help their survival.

Valheim was a smash hit ever since it entered early alpha, with more and more players entering the world every day. When they start the game, they’ll find themselves in a procedurally generated world with a variety of fauna and resources that are classified into different biome regions.

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Enter the black forest, one of several biomes that players can find randomly generated throughout the Valheim world. It’s home to monsters like trolls, greydwarves, and The Elder boss fight, as well as a plethora of useful items naturally spawning amongst the tall trees. Here are the best resources players can find in this biome, that they’ll want to get their hands on them to better their chances of survival.

What to Look for in Valheim’s Black Forest

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  • This berry is native to the black forest biome, meaning it won’t spawn anywhere else. Vikings can use blueberries to create a number of great healing dishes, like Queen’s Jam, and it is one of the ingredients necessary to create a few different types of mead. Or, should players need to recover health in a bind, blueberries can be eaten directly to restore a little health. They may be basic, but the simple things matter most!

Carrot Seeds

  • Scattered about the floor of the Black Forest are carrot seeds. As one could guess, these seeds are used to grow the familiar orange root vegetable. Players looking to add a large farm to their base will want to travel to the black forest so they can collect these useful seeds off the ground. Once grown, carrots can be used to make carrot soup with a cauldron, which will restore some health and stamina to the player. But that’s not all they’re used for: players with carrots on hand can use them to tame wild boars, which are a source of meat and leather.

Tin Ore

  • Throughout the black forest’s water sources are tin deposits, which drop tin ore when mined. After being smelted, the tin can then be used to craft cauldrons and bronze. However, one more resource is needed to make bronze.

Copper Ore

  • The other material needed to create bronze, copper deposits can also be found randomly in the black forest. With bronze, players can craft a wide array of armor and weapons to aid them in combat. However, copper has a lot more utility than tin, as it’s needed to craft forges, which help make new items, and sconces, a light source that can light up dark areas.

Ymir Flesh

  • As its name suggests, this item comes from the flesh of a Ymir. However, such a creature is not found in the world of Valheim. Players will need to buy this resource from Haldor, a merchant who calls the black forest biome his home. Once he’s found, players can spend 120 coins for the Ymir flesh, which can then be used to craft two powerful weapons: the iron sledge, and the frostner.

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Valheim is available for PC.

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