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Valentino: the new Resort 2021 collection

Valentino presents the Resort 2021 collection in a series of shots starring Mariacarla Boscono.

Simplify to improve, minimize to expand creative horizons. Valentino, it performs a formal purification for its Resort 2021 collection, focusing on an aesthetic asceticism in which beauty is revealed through essentiality. The garments created by Pierpaolo Piccioli they are textile geometries – kaftans, skirts and dresses are a natural expansion of the body – with fluid and harmonious proportions that transform the physical space into a canvas on which to project one’s imagination.


Like broad patches of tempera, the colors dilute on full-bodied and at the same time light fabrics: a hood Burgundy recalls the movement of bottled wine, seen through the distortion of the glass; the pink of palazzo trousers it is as bright and vivid as that of a late bud that waits months to saturate its nuances; L’gold of a dress with a metallic effect it has the rough grain of a nugget, shiny but veined with residues of dusty rock.

The textures are distorted through photography. Blue embroidered silk is fixed to the ground by the seawater that bathes the edges, while a denim tunic is lightened by the power of a fictitious gust of wind. Materials are accessories, solid and tactile, with flowers, bows, studs in leather or straw that are scattered over the Atelier Bag and on Atelier Shoe, an element that emphasizes the artisan heritage of the Maison. The hats are created in collaboration with Borsalino, bringing to mind cinematic visions of Italian holidays.

Presenting a collection imbued with conceptual abstraction and rarefied simplicity is Mariacarla Boscono, the muse of the Creative Director, immortalized in a rural context of plants, stone walls and marine splashes – is the Mediterranean dryness of Neptune, home of a photographer Piccioli – in an intimate conversation with the camera which in each shot retains the memory of a day with friends.

In one pseudo minimalism which enhances the quality of detail regardless of the structure of the garment, the Valentino Resort 2021 collection it is an invitation to rediscover the substance at the expense of form, to grasp the beauty of nuance rather than a flounce, the sensation of the fabric between the fingertips instead of the psychedelic vision of an embroidery, conceiving clothing as the starting point for a world of infinite possibilities.

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