Vaderetro finalist for Who is on Next? 2020

Vaderetro, the finalist brand of Who is On Next? 2020, was born from the union of the creativity of Antonio D’Andrea and Hanna Boyer who, in addition to the common life project together, decided to found the made in Italy brand at the end of 2019.

Much of the collection is made by local artisans with recycled or unused fabrics, in order to enhance the resources of the Neapolitan territory and the Neapolitan tailoring.

The creative project develops with a very important focus on the ethical and environmental impact of the fashion sector, preferring slower rhythms, and giving space to quality rather than quantity.

Antonio D’Andrea and Hanna Boyer

The two creatives told us about their finalist brand at Who is On Next? 2020.

Describe yourself in three adjectives:

Retro-Gardists: We created the term “rearguard” by combining the two concepts of “avant-garde” and “retrograde”. The term takes on the meaning of returning to ideas of the past with original methods.

Nostalgic: Being part of Generation Y and being an integral part of the Millenials, we find ourselves among the old traditions and technological booms that have revolutionized the world. Therefore, nostalgia is a way for us to comfort ourselves, to find a certain stability, to reconnect with ourselves.

Sub-cultural: We have developed our own way of living and seeing the world, with values ​​and ethics constantly intertwined with our roots.

Can you tell us the meaning linked to the brand name?

The word Vaderetro has an etymology that comes from the Latin: “Vade Retro” and that translates to “Go back”. Vaderetro is a concept that wants to translate subcultures, art, literature, music, historical events of the past mainly through clothing. The peculiarity of Vaderetro is that it does not follow any guidelines. It resets in every collection and as a consequence it is very unpredictable and with an archive of unlimited resources and inspirations. The only sure thing is that it is something “already seen” (you have seen it before is one of the brand’s mottos). The Vaderetro project was born in London, where we have lived for about 10 years. We have always worked in the fashion and design sector. It was thanks to these experiences that we realized that in this world we continually strive to “create” the new trend, the new “thing”, the “coolest” thing, to establish itself as the creators of something which actually has already been done years before. With the birth of Vaderetro we simply want to bypass this ephemeral part, where everyone exalts himself for something he has not really created. We simply want to take things already done and propose them to the present day, without hiding, rather accentuating the source of inspiration as much as possible.

What do you expect from this final? and what does the Who is on Next finale represent for you?

We would be lying if we said that our expectations are not to win. But, first of all, what this contest represents for us is the result of our hard work, patience, hope but above all conviction. Believe in what we do, and believe in what we want to convey. Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “It’s not the destination that matters, it’s the journey.” We perceive Who is on Next? like a chapter of our book, of our journey. Regardless of the final result, we will always appreciate the positive experience it has brought us and we will always be grateful for the opportunity we have been offered to be part of such a coveted project.


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