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Vacation Weather Insurance – A Blessing for the Resort Industry

“I spent months planning my vacation from A to Z! How did I know it would end in disaster due to the one-week storm that kept me locked up when I was supposed to bask in the sun and swim in the pool?!” Said many an angry patron of the resort.

For hotels, motels, vacation spots and other vacation retreat locations, there are a whole host of risks. From personal injury from poor lighting or property maintenance to property damage from wear and mildew, medical payments to hired and non-owned automobile accidents involving staff members, the list of possible dangers is very long.

Unpredictable as the weather can be long-haul, climatic conditions play a rather important role in occupying guests. Is there really meteorological holiday insurance?

Vacation Weather Insurance
Vacation Weather Insurance

Bet there is! It is the insurance that will pay you if the weather is not suitable for your interests.

This type of insurance coverage helps the owner of tourist facilities such as:

1. Resort

2. Hotels

3. Motel

4. Inns

5. Convention or meeting centers

When the weather threatens a hotel business such as those mentioned above, the insured is presented with the means to reward paying guests. In addition, the insurance offers the resort owner an advertising tool to attract customers. With the promise that their full payment will be returned to them, if the weather turns bad and thwarts the holidays, vacationers are drawn to the place of accommodation. Resort or hotel owners often advertise cash or credit refunds or reimbursements to be used for hospitality services during the holidays.

What does the insurance sector consider related bad weather that guarantees insurance coverage? Coverage is provided for conditions that prevent the intent of outdoor vacation activity, in particular:

• An abundance of rain

• Heavy fog

• The lack of sun

• Lack of sufficient snow for places where skiing is the main activity

But not all-weather insurance premiums are created equal. The necessary coverage and insurance costs depend on the historical climate information sought relating to the particular meteorological accident. Resorts, hotels, motels, inns, convention centres and the like can purchase meteorological insurance for various dates throughout the year: for a duration of 24 hours, a weekend, a long weekend, an entire week or a full season.

Of particular note is that typical travel insurance tour packages may include weather vacation insurance if required.

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