How to Use Castor Oil for Stretch Marks and Blemishes on the Body

Castor oil to treat stretch marks and blemishes

Stretch marks can be a quite annoying and irritating beauty concern for many females. So, Have you visited various doctor treatments for those rigid stretch marks around your waist and abdomen area? Stretch marks are a common issue that arises during pregnancy and after delivery. At times they can be also due to the sudden weight loss or weight gain. It is very noticeable and looks really bad at the time when you wear saree or crop top. You might have consulted numerous skin specialists for the removal of stretch marks but they can be really expensive at times.Stretch marks are the stripes on the waist line, back and abdomen area caused by obesity, pregnancy etc. You may have tried many oils or creams to cure those marks but hardly such things works. So, in this post friends, we would suggest you the