US presidential 2020: Kanye West is running, but can she do it?

Kanye West wants to run for the 2020 U.S. presidential election. He announced it on Twitter to his nearly 30 million followers on July 4, the day of celebration in the United States. “We must put America’s promise into practice, placing our trust in God, unifying our vision, and building our future. I decided to run for the United States Presidency # 2020VISION “, tweeted Kanye (then retweeted more than 520 thousand times, at least until now) under the image of a stars and stripes flag.

Protagonist of a beau geste a few days ago, when he donated two million dollars to the cause of Black Lives Matter and in support of George Floyd’s daughter, Kanye is also known for the often controversial social media interventions. So this is a new boutade? It must be said that it is not the first time that West, 43, multi-billionaire rapper and stylist, talks about running for the US Presidential elections: he had already done so last year, but he was referring to the 2024 elections. And in 2018 we saw him wearing a MAGA red cap (Make America Great Again) on the occasion of a meeting in the White House with Donald Trump, to whom he had publicly declared his esteem. Then he changed his mind, declaring that he wanted to move away from politics, because his words had been misrepresented and he was “used”.

Paris Fashion Week 2020: Kanye West, surprise gospel choir

And now he seems to be returning to office for the presidential elections in November, even if it is not clear if he is doing seriously, if he is still on time and, above all, if he can do it. It would seem not: It is too late to participate in the Democratic primary, and even running independently would be difficult. And then he should start his election campaign now, less than six months after the election. Furthermore, as we read on, it does not seem to have even started the necessary bureaucratic procedures. In short: he has not yet filled in and sent any form to the FEC, the Federal Election Commission.

As we wait to find out what Kanye has in mind, he may just want to create suspense for his likely new album (after the single released this year, “Wash Us In The Blood”), there are thousands of comments on his tweet, some enthusiastic, see Elon Musk, who supports him unconditionally, others much less. And some celebs, see Paris Hilton and Hilary Duff, are making fun of him on Twitter and Instagram. One thing is certain: Kanye knows how to get talked about. He did it a few months ago with a surprise gospel choir (100 components, all Yeezy clothes) at Paris Fashion Week, at a time when many parades were being canceled. And we, waiting to know something more about Kanye’s next moves, we have a certainty: YZY, the new collaboration with Gap.


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