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The apps industry is still hot, with a record 204 billion downloads and $ 120 billion in consumer spending in 2019. People now spend three hours and 40 minutes a day using apps, rivaling television. . Apps aren’t just a way to spend inactive hours – they’re a great business. In 2019, mobile-focused businesses had a combined valuation of $ 544 billion, 6.5 times higher than those without a mobile.

In this Extra Crunch series, we help you follow the latest news from the world of apps, delivered on a weekly basis.

This week we explore the news of a possible ban on TikTok in the United States and how it is already impacting rival apps. In addition, Android and iOS saw the beta launch this week – an almost ready Android 11 beta 2 version and the public beta version of iOS 14. We are also looking at the impact of coronavirus on the app economy at second quarter, which recorded downloads, usage and consumer spending. In other app news, Instagram launched Reels in India, Tinder made its video chat and Quibi flounder debut while Pokémon GO continues to roll it up.


Apple releases public beta of iOS 14

Image credits: Apple

The long-awaited new version of the iOS mobile operating system, iOS 14, was released to the public on Thursday. Users joining the public beta will be able to try the latest features, such as the app library, widgets and smart batteries, an updated Messages app, a brand new Translate app, bike routes in Apple Maps, Siri updated and various improvements to basic applications like Notes, reminders, weather, home, Safari and others.

When iOS 14 launches to the general public, it may also include support for QR code payments in Apple Pay, according to a report on new assets discovered in the code base.

In addition to the public beta, developers have received their second set of beta versions for iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and other Apple software.

Google’s efforts to speed up Android updates have been good news for Android 10


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