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The U.S. Department of Commerce today released an amendment to its radical ban on Huawei. Supporters of this decision note that the policy change should not be seen as a relaxation of the government’s position toward the manufacturer of the besieged equipment, but rather as an attempt to develop more streamlined standards for 5G, with the company, which has been one of the primary forces in its development

According to the ministry:

This action aims to ensure that Huawei’s placement on the list of entities in May 2019 does not prevent US companies from contributing to significant standards development activities despite Huawei’s ubiquitous participation in standards development organizations .

The change is designed to allow Huawei and the United States to play a role in hashing the parameters of next generation wireless technology. “The United States will not give up the leadership of global innovation. This action recognizes the importance of harnessing American ingenuity to advance and protect our economic and national security, “said Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in a statement. “The Department is committed to protecting the interests of national security and foreign policy in the United States by encouraging American industry to fully engage and advocate for American technology to become international standards.”

The new Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) rule essentially allows companies to share technology information to develop a common standard without requiring an export license. Beyond that, however, the DOC does not intend to relax after placing Huawei on its list of entities last year.

The Chinese smartphone maker has been blacklisted over a litany of pending complaints, including links to the national government, concerns over espionage and alleged sanctions violations with Iran. The move had a profound impact on the company, including severing ties with Google, which formed the software backbone of its mobile line via Android and a combination of apps included. The following handsets, including the recently released P40 Pro +, were delivered without the onboard software.

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