Unlock Your Inner Genius Codes

As a business owner, it can be difficult not to fall into the paradigm of how things are always done. Everywhere you look you have a strategy designed to achieve your dream. You only need to do a quick Google search to start, run and grow a business to find a flood of information.

For some, many of these strategies may feel hindered and often based on older approaches designed by men for male-physical ones. It is no surprise that women are beginning to notice ways in which the status quo is not working for them. But here’s the thing: It’s not that way.

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Less is more

We are taught that if we work hard, we will succeed. We are taught a “hustle” mentality.

It is widely accepted, stressful, drained and depleted, that is what it means to do business. Roughly 56 percent of businesses make it to the fifth year, and according to Success Res, it is even lower for women.

Why? Because many women experience jealousy.

Sigourney Belle, international bestselling author, spiritual teacher and owner of Wild Business, has helped thousands of women break out of the belief that you must sacrifice and struggle to grow and succeed in your business.

Sigourney is dedicated to showing women their intuition, wildness, and the infinite energy needed to show a connection to the divine in business.

“The truth is that your energy needs to be clear to attract customers who work from a place of fullness. When you are drained and reduced, you will only attract customers, customers or business partners who are of the same scarcity and scarcity mindset, ”shares Sigourney.

The one that really helps is reducing.

Stop from the hustle and bustle of your day to breathe. The more you can relax and make room to play, the more abundance will attract you.

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Believe in magic

As a woman, your ability to thrill comes from harnessing your divine feminine energy. The thing is, all you need to see in history is how the energy of women has been shut down, wasted and largely kept away from the business world.

As women we are asked to fit into some class type of box and follow the rules set before us. Unfortunately, many of these ideologies do not allow women the space to express themselves freely.

We are taught to shut up, do what everyone else is doing and follow suit. If you are unable to be your divine woman yourself, you will struggle to survive in the current paradigm of business, let alone flourish or develop a successful business.

The thing is, women were never meant to “hustle and grind” or do anything that doesn’t make us feel good. Our divine feminine energy and intuition speak to us when we are immersed in bliss and this is the new paradigm of business calling us to do it.

If you can learn to listen to your intuition and follow what sounds good, then it is here where you will fully utilize your power. It is through flow and bliss where areas of magic are available to you.

Wake up the genius code inside you

If you own a business and are playing the same game as everyone else, then you are playing it short.

Everywhere, you will see everyone doing the same thing. Everyone is following the same formula or using the same strategy. So, it works, right?

The problem here is this: If you are not able to access the knowledge that runs through your bones and the innate talent of who you are, then it will be challenging to grow your business.

You are here to embrace your innate essence and be you. You are not some water-down version of another person here. So, decide to try and end up wasting your time and energy, someone like that or someone you are not.

You will step into your greatness as soon as everyone can be and is completely driven from this place. Remember that you are being called something bigger than the game you are currently playing. Decided to stop playing small.

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